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Muslim and gay - Dissertation Example

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This paper will tell about the treatment of Muslim gays and lesbians by the Muslim society, fear of death penalty for homosexuals and so on. Homosexuality has been branded as one of the greatest crimes in the Muslim world. Harsh legislations have been put to eradicate homosexuality from the public. …
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Muslim and gay
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Download file to see previous pages The Islam religion is against homosexuality as documented in the Islamic law books and the Quran. Homosexuality is not only a sin to Allah but also a crime under the Islamic law. Muslim homosexuals face many social problems because they are not allowed to freely express their ideas and their feelings. Under the Islamic law, those found to be involved in acts of homosexuality face a death penalty and in some instances life imprisonment. Due to the strict nature of the Islam law against lesbians, the homosexuals opt to hiding for fear of their lives. Even though human rights activists try to fight for gay rights in the Muslim world, those efforts have been futile because they are met with a community that is not ready to change from its older traditions.
Homosexuality is the romantic attraction or sexual activity between members of the same gender. It started in ancient Greece but has not yet been accepted in the world. As the world evolves into a free and liberal society, homosexuality has been the centre of many debates among human rights organizations and the legislative bodies of different countries. In these discussions, different ideologies of human sexuality are always discussed. It is through such ideologies that religious groups feel they have been robbed the power to exercise moral authority over the society. Even though most religions oppose homosexuality, Islam has been on the forefront to impose stringent rules that oppose gay and lesbian rights. The Islamic views on homosexuality are formed from the writings of Quran and some holy narrations. According to the Quran, homosexuality is not only a sin but also a crime under the Islamic law (Meyers 1977)....
Due to their affiliation to the western norms, they are considered outcasts by the society. They therefore, are not recognized as members of the Muslim congregation because the Quran does not accept homosexuality (Guillaume 1994). Such a misconception affects the self-esteem of the gay/lesbian Muslim. They therefore are not able to believe in themselves because the society does not give them a chance to express themselves. The gay community faces different types of violence from the public. The superiority of the larger Muslim community exposes some of the gays to physical harm. It has been documented that in some mosques in the United Kingdom, some Muslim clerics preach violence against the gay (Bernard 1992). According to a Gallup study carried out in early 2009, it found out that Muslims in the United Kingdom have zero tolerance to homosexuality. Moreover, though Muslims form only 2% of the British population, they are found to commit 25% of all anti-gay crimes. Since homosexuality is not legal in most countries, the Muslim gays cannot be able to get married legally. Such proposals have always been faced with public outcry and a lot of criticism from the religious groups (Denny 1994). Therefore, the gay couples will not have to enjoy the benefits of being in a legal marriage. For example, they cannot legally adopt a child, have a joint account or even in some cases cannot borrow loans from banks with the name of a gay spouse. This social alienation is unfair because the Muslim gay are not able to fully enjoy their social life. Reasons for lack of openness by the Muslim gay Due to their religious beliefs and that of the society, the Muslim gay are not open about their sexual orientation because of the following reasons: Fear of death penalty for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Muslim and Gay Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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