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In what way does the treatment of witches in the Crucible after the Salem Witch Trials similar to the treatment of Muslims after 9/11 - Essay Example

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It is fear, and it alone that turned the Puritan society into a state of utter confusion and hysteria, in the name of hunting witches. This led to the deaths…
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In what way does the treatment of witches in the Crucible after the Salem Witch Trials similar to the treatment of Muslims after 9/11
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Extract of sample "In what way does the treatment of witches in the Crucible after the Salem Witch Trials similar to the treatment of Muslims after 9/11"

Download file to see previous pages Quite funny is the fact that those who pleaded guilty had their lives spared, and only sent to prison for a while. In the book, which hunt is depicted as merely a political campaign initiated under the pretense of investigating the various activities considered dissident to what is moral by the state. There are five major rudiments that come out in each and every hunt for a witch; the struggle to keep moral order, an outbreak of panic and hysteria, a subversive group or character, a scapegoat being used and some hidden motive which helps in justifying the actions exhibited by various people (Auther 12).
Panic results directly from fear. The witch frenzy in Salem that led to the deaths of not less than twenty persons; with a total of nineteen resulting from hanging and others by other means, began in January 1692. Eighty year old man called Giles died as a result of being pressed under torture before being proven guilty in court after accusation. Four other people; Ann Foster, Roger Toothaker, Lynda Dustin and Sara Osborne died whilst awaiting trial in prison. It began when some two girls who were staying with reverend by the name Samuel Paris started to have strange fits. A doctor was called who did not manage to explain the cause of the fits. The mayhem spread, and later other more girls fell victims of the same. However, each time a girl had the fits, a person was accused. What became unusual was the massive scale under which this took place.
Abigail Williams, a seventeen year old stands out the initiator of a hunt for witches. The book outlines her actions as purely for the sake of getting the desires she wishes resulting from infatuation of adolescence. She feigns illness and behavior of bewitchery as though she had been bewitched. She keeps on pushing blames cast on her to others.
Mysteriously, the accused victims were set free in case they pleaded guilty; however, in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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