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Programs & Activities of MCA(Muslim Community Association) Bay Area - Essay Example

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MCA was founded in 1981 at a small rented place with a capacity of only 75 persons; this small place later grew into Masjid-Un-Noor, which was purchased in 1984 on Catherine…
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Programs & Activities of MCA(Muslim Community Association) Bay Area
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Download file to see previous pages MCA provides the local community with a variety of services. Most importantly especially in San Francisco, MCA provides prayer opportunity five times a day. Besides, MCA offers educational programs for both adults and young children. The organization offers a school to the children of the Muslim communities in the bay area so that they can learn modern education in an Islamic environment. At present the association has three schools namely Granada Islamic School (K-8), Weekend (Sunday ) Islamic School and Al Arqam School. MCA also provides financial assistance to the needy people (about).
There are many other activities and programs that MCA undertake. MCA offers free access to the knowledge of Islam not only through its website but also through different activities like Dawah, youth discussions, counseling, and other programs, for example visiting scholars. It provides information about the basic teachings of Islam needed by every Muslim to practice in all the spheres of life. MCA also tries to outreach the public in general as well as Muslims to inform them about Islam. It tries to dispel any misconceptions about Islam. It also organizes discussions and encourages community involvement for better understanding of Islam and developing close relationships. The major emphasis, however, the association lays is on the conduct and behavior of Muslims to attract the non-Muslims towards Islam towards serving the society (Islamic Services) .
MCA provides various services to the students. The association offers different resources to help them in writing a college paper or a report on Islam. Furthermore, the association conducts interviews to point students to the right direction. A library is also available for use having a reasonably good number of books. Beside this, presentations are arranged for improving the knowledge of the people in the community about Islam. These presentations also offer opportunity to the audience to ask any ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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