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The Belief and the Activities of the Muslims - Case Study Example

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The following paper 'The Belief and the Activities of the Muslims' focuses on the value-free evaluation of the American Black Muslims as a religious association which should start with an unmarked look at religion itself, its history and its purpose…
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The Belief and the Activities of the Muslims
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Extract of sample "The Belief and the Activities of the Muslims"

Download file to see previous pages The Mormon Church maintains, among other things, that the Black is subordinate or inferior since he is the progeny of Ham, the accursed son of Noah. Consequently, Negroes are permitted to join the Mormon Church but are prohibited from the high church office. However, nobody will assume the perspective that the Mormons are not a religion (Lomax, 1963). In order to acknowledge the Black Muslims and the Mormons, people must revisit the twisted and primitive path humans and God have traversed hand in hand on the journey to the here and now.
This declaration, that God is black and the white race represents the evil spirit, gives the Black Muslims a similar philosophical problem that has weighed down the majority of the religions. The question is “How could a good (black) God create a bad (white) thing” (ibid, 63)? The principle regarding Yakub is the attempt of the Black Muslims to provide a persuasive response to that question. With regard to biological terms, recognizing the Muslim idea that the black person is the original human, they should elaborate on how the black race produced white people. Elijah Muhammad affirms the claim in these terms:
“The Caucasian race was created out of the weak of the black race; they are the handiwork of Yakub, a black scientist who rebelled against Allah. Dr. Eric Lincoln is correct when he says that the doctrine of Yakub is the central myth of the Black Muslim movement. But it is also the tenet the Black Muslims seem to know least about” (Lomax, 1963, 64).
“Who is the white race? I have repeatedly answered that question in this [column] for nearly the past three years. “Why are they white-skinned?” Answer: Allah (God) said this is due to being grafted from the Original Black Nation, as the Black Man has two germs (two people) in him. One is black and the other brown. The brown germ is weaker than the black germ. The brown germ can be grafter into its last stage, and the last stage is white. A scientist by the name of Yakub discovered this knowledge.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Belief and the Activities of the Muslims Case Study)
The Belief and the Activities of the Muslims Case Study.
“The Belief and the Activities of the Muslims Case Study”.
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