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American Muslims: Contemporary Socio-political Issues - Term Paper Example

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The author states that as the American government continues to murdering of Muslims in their home countries in the name of terrorism and allowing radical ideologists to condemn other races publicly, the future of American Muslims in promising land is uncertain. …
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American Muslims: Contemporary Socio-political Issues
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Extract of sample "American Muslims: Contemporary Socio-political Issues"

Download file to see previous pages “Any person who accepts the unity of God and the prophetic character of Mohammad is a Muslim and is subjected to Musulman law (Duhaime).” Muslims had been a part of American society for centuries. Example: “Being Muslim in America” book contains a number of significant historical events about Muslim Americans. Accordingly, the first evidence of such Muslims visiting the United States of America dates back to the period of 1619 to 1800s (Curtis, 2009). Some other authors have recorded Muslim vendors voyaging to America even before 1500.

It is believed that approximately 30percentage proportion of the total African individuals who were shipped to America as slaves during the 1619 to 1800s period were Muslims. Some of these people joined the mainstream economic activities of America after being released from slavery. Example: in 1819 Yarrow (Mamout) Mahmood was the property owner and bank investor in Georgetown (currently a part of Washington). And in 1907 the first Muslim organization in America was founded by the Tatar immigrants from Poland, Russia, and Lithuania (pp 56). The first American Islamic association was founded in Michigan in 1919. Consequently, many immigrants were employed in manufacturing plants. The first American Islamic religious building known as the Mother Mosque was built in 1934 in Iowa (pp 57). Gradual growth and expansion of the Muslim American community are explicit in these records.

Currently, Muslims are believed to form a considerable proportion of American society. According to the Pew Research Center statistics, the Muslim population in America amounted to 2,595,000 in 2010. This figure attributed to approximately 0.8percentag proportion of the total population in the same year in America. According to the same source, the Muslim population in the country will reach 4,150,000 while forming 1.2percentage proportion of the total population by the year 2020. However, some sources state that there are above 7 million Muslim individuals living in America currently.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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American Muslims: Contemporary Socio-political Issues Term Paper - 1.
(American Muslims: Contemporary Socio-Political Issues Term Paper - 1)
American Muslims: Contemporary Socio-Political Issues Term Paper - 1.
“American Muslims: Contemporary Socio-Political Issues Term Paper - 1”.
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