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Is Multiculturalism Dead or Alive in Contemporary UK - Essay Example

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This paper now seeks to answer whether or not multiculturalism is dead or alive in the United Kingdom. Analysis by various authors and scholars shall be considered for this paper in the hope of reaching a thorough and comprehensive answer to the current issue. …
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Is Multiculturalism Dead or Alive in Contemporary UK
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that since the end of the major wars and political conflicts, including the Second World War, the Korean War, and even the end of the Cold War, more across-the-border communication and interactions were seen between different nations, across Europe, across Asia, and across North America. With more economic, social, and political interactions between and among these many nations, migrations, and trade activities enabled the coexistence of different cultures in single geographical locations. In the UK, various cultures have also graced its borders with the migration of Asians, Pacific Islanders, and Afro-Caribbeans into its territories. With this migration, various religious, ethnic, and social groupings were then visible in the UK. Speculations on how multicultural the UK is, has been raised by various authors and scholars. With these speculations, this paper now seeks to answer whether or not multiculturalism is dead or alive in the United Kingdom. Analysis by various authors and scholars shall be considered for this paper in the hope of reaching a thorough and comprehensive answer to the current issue. This paper is being undertaken in order to ensure a scholarly and academic analysis of the current subject matter. In Britain today, the word multiculturalism is a code word in the popular culture describing various ethnic groups that live parallel lives in British society, often maintaining their own language and culture. In countries such as Canada this term has positive connotations, but in Britain, with the rise of a home-grown Islamist threat, the connotation has become increasingly problematic. In the discussion, Modood, talks about the different ideas, which help, further define the presence or absence of multiculturalism. These ideas include basic human rights; gender equality; ongoing immigration, super-diversity; and transnationalism. He discusses that the presence or absence of multiculturalism can be determined from the way human rights are distributed, endowed, or upheld for each member of society – regardless of their cultural leanings. In terms of gender equality, multiculturalism also arises from the issue of abuse and preferential treatment of women belonging to minority communities. For immigration in the UK, the ongoing process in this field helps to determine UK’s status in multiculturalism. Finally, in terms of trans-nationalism, the assessment of multiculturalism is based on the loyalties that various cultures have with the UK and the other cultures they interact with. Modood discusses that even with the conflicts seen in the northern towns and even with the 9/11 attacks, multiculturalism has not been dismissed by the government and by its citizens; instead the government has actually qualified multiculturalism. In considering the various aspects or ideas on multiculturalism, gender equality has been suggested by Modood noting the different abuses perpetrated on women, including clitoridectomy and forced marriages in some minority groups. Feminism has been considered a primary ideology in order to point out how progressive and superior the west is and how backward the rest of the global population is. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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