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Application Of The Legislative Frame Work And Codes Of Practice - Essay Example

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From Koleth the term asylum is defined as, “The grant, by a State, of protection on its territory to persons from another State who is fleeing persecution or serious danger”…
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Application Of The Legislative Frame Work And Codes Of Practice
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Download file to see previous pages In countries with individualized procedures, an asylum-seeker is someone whose claim has not yet been finally decided on by the country in which he or she has submitted it” (Elsa, 2012). Not every asylum-seeker is recognized as a refugee, but every refugee is initially an asylum –seeker (Elsa, 2012, 13). Over the past two decade UK number of asylum seeking have continued to increase, “Some countries which have regularly featured in the top ten countries of origin of asylum seekers over recent years are Afghanistan, Iran, Sri Lanka, Eritrea, and Pakistan. In 2011 there was an upsurge in applicant numbers from Libya, but numbers have dropped back in 2012. In 2011 and then again in 2012 the number of applicants from Syria increased significantly” (Hands, 2004, 120). Legislative frame work that reflect on code of practice of asylum seeker in migration setting is largely based on adoption of human rights based approach in social care, which is regarded as best way of ensuring that code of equality and respect is enforced. Relevant Legislative Frame Work That Underpins the Asylum Seeker and Migrant Setting Rights are universal and are thus codified in national legislation and international convention thus this approach recognize asylum seeker needs through the lens of human right (Thomas, 2009). Thus adopting right based approach gives implication that legislative authority has duty and responsibility toward need of asylum seeker (Thomas, 2009). Equalities legal framework in UK has brought an order by streamlining the exiting laws in away that promote equality so that all people fulfill their potential also creating cohesive society that contribute toward strong economy (Thomas, 2009). Asylum seekers, regardless of their immigration status, are human beings, with fundamental and basic rights, needs and aspirations. UK’s treatment of asylum seekers says something about the society we live in and the kind of country we want to be (Aspinall & Watters, 2010, 20). There are legal framework that dictates code of practice to asylum seeker and social care toward asylum seeker. In general term this legislation includes legislation: Under section one of national assistance act 1948 local authority have responsibility and duty to provide care beyond provision of accommodation, this legislative translate to code of practice where an asylum seeker is seen as individual with same right as UK nationality, thus asylum seeker need to be listened to and their need identified and responded to with an understanding of their current situation and their future aspiration taken into consideration (Thomas, 2009). Thus their wish and feeling ought to be respected. According to Brammer (2006) Immigration and asylum act 2002 in schedule 3 prevent local authorities from providing support to asylum seeker who have been refused routinely though to do so would translate breech of human right under human right act 1998. This implicate code of practice where local authority provide assess to refused asylum seeker, however it does not mean that support should not be provided to asylum seeker (Thomas, 2009). Code of practice should encompass clear outline of detail assessment and eligibility criteria through implementation of safeguarding vulnerable group act 2006, which implicate commitment in protection of vulnerable adult and children from likely harm, translate to a code of practice w ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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