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Work And Practice In The Context Of Contemporary Art - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The writer of the paper "Work And Practice In The Context Of Contemporary Art" provides own career vision is very focused and streamlined to achieve excellence in the field of photography by sharpening the skills and by applying the same in the industry-specific scenarios…
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Work And Practice In The Context Of Contemporary Art
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Download file to see previous pages In the context of photography, the subject of the photo may be same for many, but the excellence and the identity in the frame will make great photographs. I could create a factor of uniqueness in the design works I had done all the through the years of my working experience.
My career vision is very focused and streamlined to achieve excellence in the field of photography by sharpening the skills I have and by applying the same in the industry-specific scenarios. The interest in designing and photography and the desire to be a well equipped professional in accordance with the contemporary art standards have led me towards my current work. I could find within me the aptitude to create genuine masterpieces in art and to lead a team with skill and caliber. This realization led me to establish JND.Inc, based in Kuwait city. My leadership skills were proved as could successfully lead a team of designers as being the Director of marketing. To play a leaders role in a competitive corporate world as of today is a real challenge. Having had dealt with that challenge in perfection, I could prove myself as a good entrepreneur. In this case, my desire and passion towards arts, my leadership skills and the prioritized hard work towards both my personal and organizational vision contribute as diving factors in being the Director of marketing of JND Inc.
The talent and desire of mine in arts specifically in designing and photography has driven me not only in my current job but also all through my career. I served as the Assistant Photographer in Thouq Magazine. It is one of the best fine arts and cultural magazine in Kuwait, I could explore much about the industry. The fashion magazine made me research on the updates on contemporary arts which eventually equipped me with the skills required for a contemporary artist. I was serving as the photographer within fashion edition. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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