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Founded in 1945, the United Nations came into existence as a replacement to the defunct League of Nations; an organization that had literally failed to reign in rogue governments leading to a bloody repeat of a world war,only two decades after a first…
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How the United Nations help people around the world
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Due How the United Nations Help People Around the World Founded in 1945 on the precipice of a falling world order, the United Nations came into existence as a replacement to the defunct League of Nations; an organization that had literally failed to reign in rogue governments leading to a bloody repeat of a world war, only two decades after a first. With a determination to provide a forum where countries in dispute could amicably dialogue over differences, the city of the golden gate delivered a first that has not only stood the tests of time, but has also molded a world with a human face. Although peace and security reigns supreme in its agenda, the United Nations commits huge chunks of its resources to the creation of an equitable socio-economic order to fast-track its principal objective. Through its pledge to promote “economic and social progress and development for higher standards of living”, the United Nations has profoundly touched lives of millions of people across the globe (UN par. 1). Many of the cross-border transformations that have taken place since 1945 have actually been aided by the efforts of the United Nations. As the sole body mandated to oversee global consensus-building, the United Nations sets goals that are subsequently adopted by member countries to facilitate economic environments that are supportive of development efforts. Indeed since its inception, economic and social issues that transcend national borders have been dealt with cooperatively. From the most complex issues such as those touching on international terrorism and refugees from war-tone regions to known social epidemics like HIV-AIDS, the world has embraced a coordinated action to rid itself the problems that have wreaked havoc in lives of millions. Through a series 10-year Development Strategies designed with programs to make them a reality within the designated timelines, the organization has relentlessly pushed for the respect human rights, especially the advancement of women; protection of the environment through sustainable development; and the promotion of good governance that guarantees equitable distribution of resources (UN par 5-6). As a follow-up to its commitments, the United Nations is currently armed with a set of Millennium Development Goals, specifically targeted at: “eradicating extreme poverty and hunger; achieving universal primary education; promoting gender equality and empowering women; reducing child mortality; improving maternal health; combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases; and ensuring environmental sustainability by the year 2015” (UN par. 6). Cautious from being too ambitious, the organization did set its targets to the bare and subsequently marshaling endorsement from governments and civil organizations across the globe. Among these are measures to eradicate wage levels below a dollar a day; to achieve basic literacy (primary education); to promote gender parity; and to reduce child mortality via increased maternal healthcare. Apart from the formulation of policies that sets the minimum conditions for a more secure world, the United Nations, through its subsidiary organizations such as the IMF, the World Bank, UNDP, UNAIDS, UNICEF, among other organizations mobilize funds and technical support to back up their targets in various countries (UN par. 9-13). With approval of the various governments, these UN based organizations work in partnership with the local NGOs to raise the living standards of million through various development projects in countries around the world, particularly in the developing world. These include but not limited to direct funding to women and youth organizations to promote economic empowerment, building of learning intuitions and dispensaries and even construction of roads. Its assistance also comes in handy in form of relief food to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and refugees evading conflict territories. Indeed, its presence has been very crucial in relieving the suffering of the people in countries such Israel and Palestine as well those in the hostile regions of Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, among other nations around the world. By virtue of being the impartial arbiter over conflicting interests at the international stage, the United Nations, according to the charter signed by the member countries, is the custodian of the international law. It, thus, provides an avenue to the aggrieved parties, through the international law courts, to be heard fairly without the respective governmental interference. In extreme cases of lawlessness, especially where the lives of many are at stake, the organization mobilizes soldiers solicited from member countries for peace keeping missions to stop organized criminal gangs from taking innocent lives (UN Par. 1). Though criticized for being too dependent and lacking in crucial manpower and resources for swift responses, the United Nations remains a key player in global politics with a true representation of the peace-seeking voices in an increasingly turbulent world order. The organization has not only achieved remarkable successes in promoting global peace, but has also fairly managed to deliver a package of operations towards the same goal. Works Cited United Nations Secretariat. About Development. United Nations, 2013. Web. 1 Mar. 2013. Read More
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