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Is the idea of a global feminism possible, especially as women around the world are in very different positions - Essay Example

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Name Date Course Section/# Global Feminism: Prospectus and Outlook for the Future of our Current World Model As with most social movements that have taken place over the span of human history, the shareholders of key ideological positions seek to envision the way in which the world might look if everyone ascribed to their particular point of view…
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Is the idea of a global feminism possible, especially as women around the world are in very different positions
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Extract of sample "Is the idea of a global feminism possible, especially as women around the world are in very different positions"

Download file to see previous pages With respect to such an understanding, this particular analysis will seek to answer the question of whether or not a global feminism is possible. As a means of answering such a question, the analysis will first consider what those who support a form of global feminism might say with regards to the prospect and practice of such an eventuality. Once this has been discussed with a level of depth and clarity, the analysis will then move on to some of the reasons for why such an approach may not work or may not be amenable to unique cultural and/or religious mores that are currently exhibited within the current system. Finally, the last portion of the analysis will argue the position of the author with relation to such a question. Those that put forward the belief that a form of global feminism is not only a possibility but something that is supported by historical and sociological/demographic data, necessarily point to the fact that a mere 60 years ago the presence of women in the workforce and their integration into distinct segments of Western society was practically unheard of. Naturally, the greatest liberation that was the culmination of this was the widespread availability of cheap contraceptives in the form of birth control pills. As history has proven, societies in which women have control over their biological clocks have the ability to pursue higher education, careers, and personal fulfillment without being saddled with the responsibilities of family prior to the time in which they would otherwise choose to do so. Moreover, as a function of these recent development in the rights of women, specifically within the Western world, but increasingly in other parts of the developed and developing world as well, proponents of such a point of view point to the fact that is merely only a matter of time and human societal evolution until a true and complete understanding of global feminism is realized. Although this approach has some noted strengths, namely its reliance on the coalescing power of globalization and the increasingly interconnected cultures that are extant within our current system, it nonetheless also experiences some key shortcomings. The first and most salient of these is the fact that very powerful and perhaps insurmountable barriers exist with relation to the means by which religious entities will acquiesce to the proposed paradigm shift. Whereas the more liberal democracies of the developed world have integrated women’s rights and feminism within the system rather effectively, albeit imperfectly, it cannot be assumed that elements of radical Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and a litany of others will be so open and/or welcoming to the paradigm shift (Stewart et al, 2011, p. 891). This represents a fundamental issue of both cultural and religious significance. Due to the fact that religion, and its more radical interpretation thereof, has perennially been on the opposite side of greater female liberation, the extent to which such powers will be willing to allow the slow march of a globalized feminism take hold within their own culture and society is highly doubtful. Finally, this analysis will consider this author’s own point of view with relation to the subject matter that has been discussed up until now. It is of course the belief of this author that the exhibition of a form of global feminism would benefit everyone involved; regardless of gender as it ultimately ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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