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Philosophies of Art: Politics of Difference in Feminism - Research Paper Example

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For example Black Civil Rights, second wave feminism, the American Indian movements and gay and lesbian liberation. The convergence of such movements depicted that there…
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Philosophies of Art: Politics of Difference in Feminism
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Download file to see previous pages For example if a woman’s identity is Native American, this makes it possible for her to be a victim of cultural imperialism, violence, marginalization and exploitation. This paper analyzes a variety of efforts that have been put forward to interchange the much-condemned idea of feminist politics with reference to women’s distinctiveness with the perspective of perceiving themselves and expressing their views as a crowd. It is believed that when the womenfolk express themselves in groups they radiate an explicit display of collective politics with diversity and inequality taking the core of their agenda. This understanding varies from other various concepts of political community in the political theorizing arena. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, when the feminist notions had taken center stage, black feminists, Third World women, women of color, women with various personalities and lesbians began to pass across the message that global feminism does not care about race, age, culture, class and sexuality. Their arguments were based on the idea that unsophisticated categories presented by women’s movements had no capacity to account for their several loyalties and identifications (McRobbie 2009).
There are many arguments by critics that feminist theory is struggling in the contemporary world and undergoing a crisis of identity. This intimidates the same practicalities of feminism just like it has been expressed up to now, its persistent existence as well as its position and influence in the academy. The expressions of other feminists, for example women of color, lesbian and Jewish feminists came up with the idea about “feminisms” rather than just “feminism.” They ensured the dispute of radical division in a hypothetical discourse that had constituted itself upon a belief of unity based on what was seen as a common harassment of all women by their male-controlled societies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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