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What would a philosopher do - Essay Example

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The virtue of an individual according to the philosophies of Aristotle are directly related to his to his actions and passions, however from voluntary passions and actions arises the bestowing of praises and blames. Aristotle further argues that in the cases of involuntary…
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What would a philosopher do
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Download file to see previous pages The self indulgence are more of voluntary actions than the actions of cowardice hence despite the external pressures the acts and decisions should be in a manner that it ensures that the actions are not due to cowardice but out of necessity and out of the necessary need (Locks).
Things perceived as involuntary may be occurring under the compulsions of some external factors or may be due to the acts of ignorance .But the acts due to greater fear or tyranny then this are perceived as either voluntary or involuntary therefore it is quite complex where the blames ought to be laid. Individuals and authorities get it very complex in the understanding of the root cause of the most issues and the best practicable means of facing the challenge in manners which are comprehensive and competent enough to avoid the recurrence of the problems or to mitigate against the relative backlash of the problem issue.
The judging of actions as either voluntary or involuntary must therefore be used in the judging of issues depending on the timing and the environmental factors surrounding the subject of discussion. People act voluntarily in the attempts to meet and achieve the actions that lead to the movement of the instrumental parts of the issues of concern and quite significantly for the instrumental parts of the issues of concern to be moved to the points of design .Such acts are classified absolutely as voluntary ,however under the normal circumstances the acts are classified as involuntary since in circumstances individuals do the works with certain external forces pushing upon them to act in that manner and had it been for their personal powers and capabilities they would desist and avoid working and acting in that direction hence the acts are pseudo voluntary.
In some of this actions the men are praised for the acts however in certain they have to undergo enormous amounts of pain due to their great indignity that they receive in relation to their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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