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Evaluate a Philosophical Approach - Book Report/Review Example

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Book Review Name Institution Introduction Work life balance has become a topic of debate in the recent past. This has been as a result of the high level of development where people are now in a position to work at home. This has blurred the border between work and personal life…
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Evaluate a Philosophical Approach
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Download file to see previous pages When studying the causes of stress, overworking and failure to strike a good balance of work and other aspect in general has been associated with stress and other illnesses (Kaiser, 2011). This follows that in order for people to have greater, physical, intellectual and social well being, they should be able to balance work and life. This topic has stirred interest in people across all disciplines. Managers are interested in this topic because by helping their employees get a good balance between work and life, they can get better performances from them. There are various theories that have been put forward to explain this can be achieved (Allen, 2006). In the article Perspective on the Study of Work Life Balance David tries to explain issues surrounding the topic of work life balance. This paper evaluates this article in explaining how the philosophical approach affects the researcher and investigates the theory that David tests in this article. Summary of the article The author introduces the article by giving insight on the reason why the topic of work life balance has become a topic of concern today. The author explains how this topic has become of crucial as a way of enhancing the value of work life which influences the quality of life in general. He has highlighted the contribution of technology increasing the work pressure. Technology has come with a huge load of information, the urgency for giving immediate feedbacks and the need to give customers quality services. There has also been a concern at the community level of deteriorating family and society life with increase in wealth, number of single parent families and people isolating themselves more from the other members of the society. The author then gives the different perspectives on this topic and voices his concern that the source of work life balances and the effects is said to have been based on inadequate evidence. The author explores the different definitions of work and life as a way of trying to understand this better ((Guest 2001). He then gives the different models that are evidences to the imbalance. Subsequently, he gives the consequences of work life imbalance and finally gives recommendations on how this issue can be tackled. Analysis of the philosophical approach of the author in this article The author in this article uses the philosophical approach of interpretative social science. He uses social construct such as shared meanings, development in meanings and language to base his argument. This is done through first defining the terms related to this topic. Fro some, work may be defined as that which comes with some form of payment. Defining it this way does not account for other forms of work that a person may performs like taking the children to school, cooking for the family, walking to work and so on. The same problem is experienced when defining non-work. Could it be the time spent away from formal employment or is it just leisure or time spent with family doing nothing? The author then explains that balancing work and life means finding equilibrium between the two where none affects the other negatively. The author goes on to explain how differentiating work and life has become much harder with the current development in technology (Allen 2006). This is because people rely on computers and internet to do both work and non-work related activities. For instance, one may be working behind a computer and the same time shopping for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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