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Work-Life Balance Issues - Essay Example

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In the paper “Work-Life Balance Issues” the author analyzes a healthy work-life balance, which is perceived as the ultimate resolution against poor performance over one’s responsibility in the workplace. Central and fundamental agenda in the work-life balance is still the family…
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Work-Life Balance Issues
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Extract of sample "Work-Life Balance Issues"

Download file to see previous pages There is a considerably huge difference between the roles of men and women at home and at work. Traditionally, men were regarded as the breadwinner of the family, thus, they should work hard, earn enough money, and attain the best position in the workplace, as well as in the society. Consequently, women are expected to stay at home and take care of the family. The roles of men and women in the society were divided according to social logics. There is the world of work on one hand and the world of home and family on the other. The former is usually associated with men, which is governed by market relations, calculation of profit, and accumulation. While the latter is associated with women such that this world is characterized by gift relations, affect, personal service and care. So when men entered the domestic world and women the world of market, it was a difficult adjustment for the society accepting this role shift. (Connell 2005)
In the modern society, unequal opportunities for women have become one of the most debatable issues. Men’s “masculinity” is always related to organizational authority that is an integral part in the world of (paid) work. As the ladder of authority in the workplace becomes higher the more that the position demands time, energy and authority from the one taking charge. Therefore, in order for women to enter corporate management, they need to learn and practice how to “manage like a man,” such that their domestic roles are set into tribulation....
As the ladder of authority in the workplace becomes higher the more that the position demands time, energy and authority from the one taking charge. Therefore, in order for women to enter corporate management, they need to learn and practice how to "manage like a man," such that their domestic roles are set into tribulation. (Connell 2005)
On the other hand, one's ability to become efficient in the workplace is affected by the balancing situation between work and life - which is usually referred to the home and/or the family. In this case, men are at the same time affected by this issue such that they have at the same time their responsibilities at home - that is as a father to their children and as a husband to their wives - which they need to perform well with. (Connell 2005) Working women are affected by conflicts that results from their roles as the primary caretakers of their homes, children, and/or elderly parents that demands time from them as well as their (paid) work. (Higgins, Duxbury, and Irving 1992; Hochschild 1989; and Kelley and Voydanoff 1985; as qtd in Saltzstein, et al 2001). Moreover, at one side, husbands in dual-career households face new workplace stresses as they have assumed greater responsibility at home. (Daddy Trap 1998; Families and Work Institute 1998a; Ginsberg 1998; as qtd in Saltzstein, et al 2001).
But men's positions in the workplace are unlimited in contrast to women's under-representation in the workplace as brought about by gender inequality that perceives women as being unable to meet the demands of senior management levels because of their responsibilities in the home. Thus, there is a stronger demand for women's ability for work/life balance for the lack of which has its corresponding reduction in job satisfaction ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Work-Life Balance Issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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