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Survey Data analysis - Coursework Example

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The sample size for this data set is 94. Their demographics can be described in terms of campus of study, age, whether they are working and which position/level…
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Survey Data analysis
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Download file to see previous pages A large majority (94%) of the students work and of these, 83% were sponsored by their organizations to study at the college. The level in an organization at which most of these worked at can be defined in the following graph.
Of these working students, 9% have worked 0 years in HR, 17% have worked 1-1.5 years, 18% worked 2-2.5 years, 13% worked 3-3.5 years, 6% worked 4-4.5 years while 35% have worked 5 years and more. This shows an equal distribution in the work experience of the students. 8% of the people work in organizations that employ 50 employees or less, 17% in organizations with employees between 50 and 200 while a large majority of 66% works in organizations that employs more than 500 employees. This shows greater orientation of larger organization employees to join HR courses at ARU.
Furthermore, 49% of the working students are employed in organizations with HR departments that have 10 or less employees. 34% of the working students are in organizations with HR employees between 11 and 50 and 14% are in organizations with more than 50 HR employees. 3 respondents did not answer the question. 57% of the working students work for the private sector, 35% in the public sector, 7% for non-profits and 1% for university. 35% of the working students study less than 5 hours per week while 57% study 5 hours or more.
The students were also questioned about when they study. Majority of the students studied on weekends and the second most popular time was study in the evenings. The following figure displays the common responses and their frequency.
Students were also questioned about what library timings they preferred. 22% wanted the timing on the weekends to be extended, 37% wanted the 24 hour model while 31% were satisfied with the original timings. This shows that the majority wanted more flexibility with regard to their study timings in the library. Students ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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