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Contrast between the Nationalist Movements in the Basque Region of Spain and Northern Ireland The question as to why some national militants opt to seek for electoral politics while others resist and destroys it completely has puzzled many leading to many researches being conducted aimed at finding the answer to this question…
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New Social Movements
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Download file to see previous pages The two nationalists include the one in Basque Country in Spain and the other in Northern Ireland. Irvin did provide a thorough analysis from the research particularly on issues pertaining to the adoption of different principles and strategies by the insurgent organizations from military struggle to parliamentary politics. The research offers an insight as to what makes such militant groups to cease engaging in violence and seek for a democratic and institutional political struggle. The novel reveals how Irvin conducted a field study in Basque Country in Spain, as well as in Northern Ireland where she developed a model connecting Herri Batasuna and Sinn Fein, to adjustments to external environment. To come up with a good conclusion as to the findings, she first conducted an interview with a sample of over 100 Sinn Fein and Harri Batasuna movements (Irvin 1999, p.128-129). Irvin’s analysis provides strong implications as far as the study of ethnic identity and social movements are concerned since it gives a valuable viewpoint into the strategic interactions, as well as conflict-ridden correlations between political parties and social movements. This paper will contrast the nationalist movement in the Basque of Spain and Northern Ireland according to Irvin’s analysis. ...
In her analysis, she points out that in both cases, the nationalists movements made attempts aimed at altering the state of independency in one section of the country. In this case, she noted that both nationalists’ movements wanted to obtain their own autonomy from the government an issue, which generated into a conflict when the government resisted the move. Irvin (1999, p.129) also noted that the conflicts generated by both nationalist movements led to a violence that left many people dead and properties destroyed. What is noted is that, in both conflicts, many civilians than the militants lost their lives. In addition, it is Irvin reported that in both cases, the nationalist movements were divided between radical factions (Batasun/Sinn Fein) and the PNV/SDLP. The two nationalist movements, the Basque and Irish also share a lot in common according to Irvin. This is because the Basque Nationalist movement got their inspiration from the Irish nationalist movement. For instance Irvin (1999, p.131) notes that the Aberri Eguna of the Basque faction was inspired by the Irish uprising in 1916 during the Easter holiday. Irvin (1999, p.131) notes that one of the major different between the two nationalist movements, is that the Irish Nationalism is made up of complicated religious factions than the Basque movement. In this regard, she noted that the Irish movement was composed of both the Catholics and the Protestants. Nonetheless, Irvin noted that the two movements share peculiarly non-western sensibility with regard to what the proper origin is for the state and the nation. In this regard, Irin reveals that ethnicity determines a lot for both the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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