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Nationalist Movements - Essay Example

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Nationalist Movements, Comparison & Contrast Essay on the Northern Ireland and Israeli-Palestinian Conflicts
In most part of human history, there have been attempts for liberation and search for establishment of political independence for a national people. …
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Nationalist Movements
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Download file to see previous pages This scenario was and is still evident especially in regions and nations that were or are under some form of control by others such as under colonization. At the centre of attempts for liberation and establishment of political independence for a national people have been nationalist movements. Gerard and Krishan (2006) define nationalist movement as a group of people that is organized around a particular issue or a set of issues and is often a struggle expression of a group of people seeking political, social, and economic independence and benefits. In order to achieve the goals of the movement, those involved in it usually undertake activities and actions and apply consistent descriptive phrases or labels. The major objective of nationalist movements is to create national identity for a ‘nation’. In most cases, it aims at protecting or establishing an autonomous state for particular identities such as cultural, ethnic, race, language, or religious, or a combination of some or all of these identities (Kate, 2001). National movements consider some elements of their nation as natural and long standing; therefore they intend to maintain these elements, thereby reacting to any foreign elements with an intention to expel them. This discussion will consider nationalist movements and make a comparison and contrast in regard to the Northern Ireland and Israeli-Palestinian conflicts. It will discuss the claims presented to justify each movement’s objectives. ...
Berberoglu (1995) observes that Ireland was a country that had been constantly resettled and invaded. In the 12th century, Normans having invaded southern Britain gave way to the British colonization cycle where Ireland became one of the colonies; Ireland, specifically the North has an imperial relationship with Britain up to this day. This imperial relationship has had social, economic, cultural, and political effects on North Ireland and its people (McKittrick & McVea, 2002). This situation has not gone down well with most of the North Ireland people who most of them view it necessary to seek their own identity in all the aforementioned aspects. Due to this, North Ireland is still struggling to be a modern state with its unique, productive, and distinct culture. The nationalist struggle for independence in Northern Ireland gained force in the 19th century’s latter half. It is important to note that prior to the split of Ireland, Ireland have had numerous nationalist struggles. McKittrick and McVea (2002) cite the following as some of the most notable Ireland nationalist struggles. The first was early nationalism that was associated with Grattan and O’Connel and was seeking more autonomy from the England parliament. The second nationalist movement was the Young Ireland and Repeal Association that propagated for Irish nationalism. It is during this period that the militant republican movement known as the Irish Republican Brotherhood emerged. This movement was demanding that British withdraw from Ireland. The other notable and famous Ireland nationalist movement was the Land League. This movement was mobilizing towards fair land distribution in Ireland and agitated for tenant rights. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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