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The Dynamic Metropolis - Term Paper Example

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The Dynamic Metropolis D. Chong The modern metropolis comes as a surprise to itself in consideration of its ever growing dynamism starting from its inception to its present state and in its future aspirations. The voyage of the metropolis through the times encompasses a variety of processes and intermediate states of evolution encompassing a multitude of factors like political, social, ethnic and of course those relating to the economic prosperity and the general well being of the urbanites…
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The Dynamic Metropolis
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Download file to see previous pages Such deterioration is clearly discernable through the loss of social cohesion among the urban residents which is referred to as the loss of neighboring. This goes in step with the loss of infrastructure which is known as the loss of neighborhood.. The ghetto which was envisaged by the early twentieth century Chicago social scientists as the future assimilation centers between the blacks and the whites did not live up to such promises. It was quite confirmed, by 1945, that a racial color line discriminated against the black in different social and economic areas and this was effectively taking its toll on the entire nation reducing its prosperity and its overall solidarity. Segregated neighborhoods creating discriminatory opportunities had paved the way for a “new urban poverty” very much detrimental to the interests of the community it its entirety. The expected melting pot of the Chicago scientists was a failure. The situation described above is marked by a failure to maintain effective social control to achieve common goals in relation to the ghettos. ...
It was marked by a change from mass production of the same type of commodity to the production in small batches of several distinct items in the same production unit with sufficient flexibility to accommodate the whims and caprices of the market. This idea of Flexible Specialization was a dominant concept associated with Post Fordism. Associated with this were the notions: ”Regimes of Accumulation” and the “Modes of Regulation” . The first phrase relates to the systems of production and consumption the second one to the formal and the informal laws governing them. The main impact of Post Fordism was the segregation of the market into different groups. The mass market became less dominant paving the way for smaller fragmented markets like luxury items and the like. This also ushered in changes in the economy and in urban politics. Mass Marketing was replaced by Flexible Specialization. The nature of work force changed . Politically social movements based on region, gender gained predominance over class based politics. Sustainable Development [WCED] Sustainable development (WCED,1987) is concept that associates with the present needs of the society, the aspirations and the requirements of the future generations. Overriding priority to the requirements of the poor are viewed in the light of available technology and social organization. Transformation of the society and the economy should take care of the future needs and the dynamism of the process involved is expected to be in step with the global changes in every conceivable perspective. Dangerous Spaces of Citizenship This term(Holston,2008) is usually applied to the Brazilian democracy but it may be extended across ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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