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Cultural Significance of Persona, Metropolis and Minority Report - Movie Review Example

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The aim of this review is to discuss the contemporary culture and its ideology depicted in the movies "Persona", "Metropolis" and "Minority Report". Additionally, the writer of the review will analyze the connection between the concepts of Enlightenment and Romanticism…
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Cultural Significance of Persona, Metropolis and Minority Report
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Extract of sample "Cultural Significance of Persona, Metropolis and Minority Report"

Download file to see previous pages The technical aspects of the "Persona", thanks to the combined meticulous efforts from the part of the director and the legendary cinematographer Sven Nykvist, are integrally linked to the various themes of the movie.
The opening sequences of the movie rely heavily on Freudian psychoanalytic images. A collage of images that link childhood, libidinal urges, trauma, guilt, Electra and Oedipal conflict through the images of a boy being woken up, a figure of an erect penis, a nail struck to a hand, a bloodied lamb, a fearsome spider and so on. These images are closely linked to the themes that are repeated haphazardly in the movie as well. As these images appear on screen in the beginning, the viewers are sensitized to the sophisticated nature of the narrative and invited to get deeply involved in the story.
The relationship between Elizabeth and Alma depends on an ambiguous power structure. In the beginning, Alma exerts power on Elizabeth as someone who is capable to speech, and also as someone who is in charge, in the superior position that is similar to a doctor’s but the scene in which she discovers Elizabeth's letter that describes her as an “interesting case study” changes the power dynamics altogether. The succeeding scenes focus on the powerful assertion of silence and the shattering image of Alma, as she breaks down virtually, going through experiences over which she has no control at all. Even as Mr. Volger mistakes her for Elizabeth, she is unable to break free from the acting that the situation calls for, as Elizabeth watches it from the vantage point of deliberate abandon and fulfillment.
The monologues of Alma are shot in such a way that they have an ephemeral quality, replacing the visual experiences for the more powerful auditory images.    ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Cultural Significance of Persona, Metropolis and Minority Report Movie Review.
(Cultural Significance of Persona, Metropolis and Minority Report Movie Review)
Cultural Significance of Persona, Metropolis and Minority Report Movie Review.
“Cultural Significance of Persona, Metropolis and Minority Report Movie Review”.
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