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This study “Beyond the Multi-Ethnic Metropolis” analyze the constraints on the housing opportunities of minority ethnic households. These are the outcome of the discriminatory working of the housing system, including landlords, letting agents, estate agents, and mortgage finance companies…
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Beyond the Multi-Ethnic Metropolis
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Download file to see previous pages Minority ethnic people in the district are more likely to be living in overcrowded accommodation than white British residents. Overcrowding was a particularly common problem among the Bangladeshi, Chinese and Pakistani population. Commonly reported problems included damp and condensation, ineffective heating systems, poor insulation around doors and windows, hazardous environments such as broken doors and windows, inadequate or malfunctioning amenities and poor quality repairs and maintenance (p556.)
Identifying the purpose of the research:
In the United States, substantial consideration has been given to the association of place of residence with economic disadvantage. This fact has added to understand polarization there. More recently, de Souza Briggs (2007) has pointed out that changes in settlements reflect the changing geography of race and opportunity (550). With this view, the study is conducted basically to explore the neglected housing experiences of minority ethnic people in small-town England. To discuss this aspect two key points are asserted. First, that minority ethnic people living in small towns bump into many of the same housing inequalities as their counterparts in metropolitan England. Second, that small town England presents a series of unique challenges demanding distinct responses not answered by the existing evidence base. This paper emphasizes that place plays an important role in deciding minority settlement patterns but very few studies have made effort to these to the place (549).
Research and policy look for multiethnic metropolis for the specific social, cultural, political, economic and material situation while the rural and small-town England is overlooked.T hough such a need arises as Countryside Agency reported that by 2001 nearly 600 000 minority ethnic people were recorded as living in the 184 rural districts of England accounting for 4.3 percent of the total population in these areas (551). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Beyond the Multi-Ethnic Metropolis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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