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Working single fathers - Essay Example

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Working Single Fathers: Financial and Professional Growth Issues for single Fathers
The single-mother families being so widely-spread in the modern society, the number of single-father families is also growing rapidly. …
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Working single fathers
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Download file to see previous pages No matter what specific reason caused single-parenting, a lot of issues in the single parent families are often best met by couples with healthy partnerships and the support of their extended families. And sometimes that's just not possible (Carruthers, 2008). This brings out the need of conducting thorough research to find out the specific challenges of single parents. The 2010 U.S. Census reported that 15 percent of single parents were men. This segment of the population is expected to grow as more men become custodial parents to their children (McDonald, 2001). Single-Fathers face a lot of difficulties not only in the process of upbringing, but also in their workplaces. This paper is going to reveal what are single working fathers' experiences with raises, promotions and working environment and how they differ from fathers in two-parent families. Being a single parent is a very complicated task for people of both genders. However, the shift in social roles for men is a barrier in the psychological and social level. But single fathers can manage the demands of work and family by recognizing the barriers to successful parenting and taking action (McDonald, 2001). ...
pt to adjust their lives to meet the often conflicting demands of work and family, they may encounter inflexible work regulations or supervisors who are unsympathetic to their needs (McDonald, 2001). The scheduling issues can create tension in the working environment and make it more complicated to reach an agreement. This can deepen the inner stress and conflict. Another issue that makes it more complicated to have the right scheduling is the men’s unwillingness to seem vulnerable in front of their managers. Men perceive this as being exposed to danger on behalf of the boss/manager. Single parents have many challenges in their working environment, including finding the financial resources to support the child/children. It is especially hard for parents who have part-time jobs or get State Assistance. In this aspect, single parenting is often more stressful than couple parenting (Carruthers, 2008). What stops single fathers and draws them back from achieving their goals? Sometimes single fathers are not well acknowledged how to deal with financial and stress challenges. One of the main problems in the working environment for single parents is learning to postpone goals (Lone-Parent Families, 1990). The common issue is- it is very hard for a single father to get used to the fact that taking care of the child can make him spend less time on work and thus, it can put aside many chances of quick promotion and rise. In a family with both parents, the main responsibility for upbringing lies on the shoulders of women, and men are generally more of bread-winners and careerists. This slowing makes a lot of men undergo stress at the workplace, when slow promotion is coupled with the incompetence they face as single parents. While men from full families can be extremely ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Working Single Fathers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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