How Technology Has Impacted Patterns of Communication Between Parents and Children - Research Proposal Example

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The paper will then present a research question and hypothesis from where it will proceed to categorically investigated literature review. The paper will then draw a framework of research will carried and finally end with an explicit conclusion. …
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How Technology Has Impacted Patterns of Communication Between Parents and Children
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Download file to see previous pages These advancements in technology have not left behind integration in communication technology. Technological advancement and integration have seen introduction and continued innovation of mediums and devices of communication such as telephone lines, wireless networks, waves, internet, satellite, fiber optic, and stationary telephones, mobile phones, televisions, radios, computers, and smart phones among others. The developments in the communication technology go hand in hand with changes in communication patterns among human beings. These changes have seen development of serious communication problem between the adults of the past communication technology and the youths of the contemporary communication technologies. Background of the Study The coming of computer technology introduced new feature that necessitated actual and abstract change in the pattern of communication between children and their parents. Computers brought about as well as creating a sense of a totally new generation that is incompatible with the previous generations. The ecstasy that the dot com generation received computer technology threatened and in some cases broken the initially compact family ties. As obvious, communication defines the actual base for development of family and friendship ties. For the ties to be effective there must be an appropriate pattern of communication accepted and embraced by every party. Proper parent-child ties depend on the pattern of communication employed by the parties. It is worth mentioning that families that existed in last two decades or that have not entirely embraced the current technology have strong and good ties. This is because, parents and children understand the need to be physically...
Researchers in this study are professional psychologists and sociologists who can easily observe and detect problems or changes in the social norms and practices. Researchers will therefore attend various sporting shows and cinemas attended by parents alongside their children. Researchers will then observe and analyze the level of concentration of various parents on the sports and on their smart phones or laptops. Researchers will observe how parents in their concentrations respond to the concerns of their children. The researchers will also seek to observe the frequency at which parents turn to their parents as if giving directions on the progression of the sports. In so doing, researchers will also analyze and record behaviors and reactions of particular children in response to the manner in which their parents treat them.
This report makes a conclusion that communication, which is the basic instrument for socialization has succumbed to the negative and positive aspects of technology. However, while observing from sociological point of view, technology has negatively impacted on the communication patterns specifically between parents and children. Introduction and integration of computer technology and its complementary materials has worked to expose children to unsafe contents and information that are dangerous to their growth. Concentration of parents to the same outputs of technology has seen them deny children the required attention and care. This has led to widening of parent-child bonds and ties to an extent of creating mismatch of communication patterns. The perceived inferiority of parents to technological advancements has seen children threaten to dominate over and control their parents. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Technology Has Impacted Patterns of Communication Between Parents Research Proposal.
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