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Critical Thinking paper - Movie Review Example

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Walkout “Walkout” is a film that was launched in 2006. The title of the movie portrays the demonstration initiated by students. This unrest was caused by a number of unfair treatments of individuals of color. The situations in the picture are also related to the main sociological perspectives…
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Critical Thinking paper
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Download file to see previous pages Together with a group of activists, they led demonstrations to address the social issue. Despite opposition from others including her relatives, she continued furthering their cause. On the other hand, her Chicano teacher, Sal Castro motivated her to join the group and distribute forms where students can write suggestions for the betterment of educational institutions. Nonetheless, the school board did not consider their recommendations. This led to a walkout which was instigated by Paula. Five Los Angeles schools participated in the protest. The police got involved and beat up the protesters. The brutality was not integrated in the news and the students were featured as juvenile delinquents who are involved with communist groups. This was followed by a bigger protest including the students’ families and friends in the hope that violence would be avoided. Thankfully, the school board decided to consider the students’ concerns. However, the police unexpectedly arrested Sal and 12 students and charged them with machination to upset schools. Paula became so discouraged but her father inspired her not to give up. She then led another protest in front of the penitentiary until the leaders of the student movement got released. In the story, Paula was able to transform her consciousness by being courageous. Like other oppressed individuals, she had suffered more than a number of discriminating situations. In relation to symbolic interactionist perspective, people act in accordance to how they understand symbols such as color, height, and other attributes (Schaefer, 2010). In the movie, the Chicanos were marginalized because of the mindset that people of color are lower in status. In association to conflict perspective, inequality is an inherent aspect of the society. Bias concerning race, gender, and others always occur. These differences are the lifeblood of change that happens in societies. Fortunately, Paula was able to meet a group of activists that further spurred her to be assertive. Despite the back lashings that she experienced, she learned to be persistent. Moreover, she did not let the people around her deter her from pursuing her noble goals. Her insistence was potent enough to affect her social circles. She was able to influence her community in the micro and macro level. Though her mother was quite unsupportive at first, she was able to get a boost from her in the end. Eventually, ambivalent schools and other individuals got persuaded. The conclusion of the story indicates how Paula massively initiated cooperation and boldness in the society. There were several struggles that evolved from the walkout. The protesters got further discriminated even by their own kin. This stemmed out of fear. The other Chicanos did not want to be identified with them with the fear of being ostracized as well. Many of the students also suffered from police brutality. They were aiming for a peaceful demonstration. However, the police used undue force. This denotes the abuse of power by some authorities. They use fear to make people obey their commands. This uprising left a noteworthy legacy not only for Chicanos but for other individuals with color as well. It gave the minorities the bravery to avow their human rights. It also opened the minds of others regarding inclusion. The movement taught people to not let fear stop them from defending themselves. Moreover, the rallies gave a lesson that in unity, there is indeed strength. This value is connected to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critical Thinking Paper Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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