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Critical thinking skills in nursing students: comparison of simulation-based performance with metrics - Research Paper Example

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This work has been compiled by a group of professors and directors in the department of nursing and anesthesia program, and directors from the Simulation and Technology R&D Center. These are people with vast knowledge in the area of Nursing and Simulation metrics. Center…
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Critical thinking skills in nursing students: comparison of simulation-based performance with metrics
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Extract of sample "Critical thinking skills in nursing students: comparison of simulation-based performance with metrics"

Download file to see previous pages The study focused on comparing the nursing students critically in terms of simulation performance basis with metrics. According to the report presented, title of the study is appropriate and none other could suit the study any better. The abstract of the report is quite well composed. It begins by highlighting the main aim of the study which is apparently the establishment of the existing relationship between the metrics of critical thinking skills and performance in simulated clinical scenarios. The background to the study has also been provided. Their study was motivated by the fact that they realized that over the years, there had been no presentation of simulated performances for nursing students, rather, only pen and pencil assignments took prominence in the determination of the students’ understanding. They therefore felt there was a great need to carry out a critical comparison of the two phenomena in establishing the critical thinking of students. Research methodology has similarly been captured in the abstract giving brief details on the sample size. However, the target population and working population were not mentioned in this part. Summary results have been presented according to the various research variables. This section can alternatively be referred to as an abstract. The conclusion provided is good but it lacks possible remedies to the problem under study. (Fero et al., 2010). Introduction Apparently, the term introduction has not been appropriately used in this study report. An introduction should explain to the reader the contents of the paper. This is not the case with this work. That which is under the introduction is information regarding the study problem. As a student very well equipped with knowledge in the compilation of research reports, I expect to find information directing me on the contents of the research paper at the introduction segment. For instance, I expected to find an outline of the various subheadings like in chapter one; we have background information, problem statement and study rationale, general and specific objectives, hypotheses etc among others. The paper has good information but its arrangement is problematic. It has not been partitioned to the chapters that a research report normally should have. It is in Chapter two were we should have Literature Review, and a conceptual or theoretical framework. This kind of arrangement is missing. Chapter three should comprise of information explaining the Research Methodology applied in the research, the tools and techniques applied in data collection. The fourth Chapter provides data analysis and results, whereas in the fifth Chapter, possible solutions in the form of recommendations are provided alongside the summary of results. A room for further research should also be provided as one study cannot adequately identify all problems or even solves them absolutely (Fero et al., 2010). Background Information Part of the background information was captured in the overview of the study segment of the research report. However, they still expounded on what informed them to carry out the research in this section. Problem Statement The introductory segment of this research report captured the problem that necessitated the conducting of the study. They have highlighted it to be a need to establish the availability of critical thinking, problem solving and communication ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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