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In this 3-4 page assignment you will choose one popular media text to analyze. This text could be a film, song, album, advertise - Essay Example

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Course Date Racism in America is an issue that has existed almost from the beginning of the European settlement in this country five hundred years ago. The racism has not disappeared as one would have expected, but has instead become even worse over the years as the theory of white supremacy has become internalized by the various multiracial groups the occupy America…
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In this 3-4 page assignment you will choose one popular media text to analyze. This text could be a film, song, album, advertise
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Download file to see previous pages All of these incidents have worked hand in hand over time to shape the racial attitudes and beliefs that are common in America today propagating the idea of white supremacy, although in such a way that most people do not recognize it anymore. One of the greatest effects of racism today are based on wealth, with a minority white population, known as the superrich, holding on to the majority of wealth in the country, while the rest are barely making a living. This situation was largely not noticed before the economic recession of 2007, when it was found out that these few wealthy individuals controlled most of the companies and institutions, which had brought this situation about in the first place. Many people then came to realize that these few people had ruined their lives. When one considers the 1994 film The Jungle Book, one will see racism clearly displayed in it. Racist and discriminatory comments are shown throughout the film, mainly because the main character, Mowgli, was raised in the jungle and, therefore, has not been able to adopt any characteristics that one would call civilized. Despite the nobility of his character, as well as his innocence in various circumstances, Colonel Brydon does not consider him fit to be his daughter’s mate. ...
This is because of the work of the nineteenth century scientists, who used inaccurate data and faulty samples, to reach their conclusions concerning the races in part to justify the imperial activities of their countries in Africa and Asia, and to ensure ‘scientifically’ their dominant position in society. The standard grammar of American English has a lot in it that still enforces the idea of white supremacy. An example of this is how the media uses endearing terms such as beautiful, when reporting news concerning white victims of tragic events. Nothing of the sort is said of those victims from minority races who just happen to be in the same circumstances. This is an unconscious action, which is as a result of the terms, used especially against the black people during the age of slavery concerning the two races that white was beautiful and superior while black was ugly and inferior. These terms have also come to be used in the economic sense, and this can be seen in the current common perception that black (and other colored) people are poor. It is said that because of this poverty, more people of minority groups are more prone to commit crimes than white people are. The truth of this statement is highly doubtful, but this stereotype of the black people in America is still persistent. Because of this, many more black men end up in prison, thus ensuring that the economic burden of their families is left to their women. It, therefore, becomes difficult for black people to build wealth because these women have to cater for the immediate needs of their families and tend to have no income to spare for savings. According to Laura Douglas, most white people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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