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Racism in America and Issues of National Identity - Coursework Example

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The paper "Racism in America and Issues of National Identity" describes that the White women population also acted in the same grounds to the male counterparts and relegated the Black women to separate groups. This grouping of the black population caused the disturbance in the national identity…
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Racism in America and Issues of National Identity
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Extract of sample "Racism in America and Issues of National Identity"

Download file to see previous pages In the context of America, it is found that Black communities have always been related to African people. It is observed that though the Black Americans had a white ancestral race yet they were mostly judged by the color of their skin. (Davis, 61) The American population is observed to be an admixture of different ethnic and racial groups. The cause of rapid globalization and immigration from different countries gave rise to different cultural, linguistic, racist and gender groups. (Huntington, 4) To this end, the paper endeavors to understand the effects of the disintegration of America’s national identity owing to the practice of activities like racism, which created different social and economic groups within the common American soil. The national identity of people, therefore, lies in severe conflict with the differences arising out of racism.
The case of African-American women in regards to the United States of America can be dealt with depending on the paradigms of gender, race economic and ethnic status. It is observed that Afro-American women continue to face newer challenges based on the above paradigms in the American soil. The Afro-American women shared amongst themselves individual feelings and interests in regard to the above matters to gain social identity. This led to the African American women to identify themselves as a different group residing in the American soil. The Afro-American women divided in the society both in terms of race and gender classification renders more importance to the race issue. They view the race issue as deciding the economic status of the Afro-American women class in the American soil. The need for group formation among the Afro-American women population emerged due to long-standing exclusionary practices conducted on the basis of race, ethnic status and social and economic conditions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Racism in America and Issues of National Identity Coursework, n.d.)
Racism in America and Issues of National Identity Coursework.
(Racism in America and Issues of National Identity Coursework)
Racism in America and Issues of National Identity Coursework.
“Racism in America and Issues of National Identity Coursework”.
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