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The area of advertising just like any other sectors has been racism with most advertisement focusing on the majority white community. As such they…
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National network, local stations- who better serves the listeners
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National Network, Local Stations- Who Better Serves the Listeners This article has analyses the issue of racism in advertising which influences how companies are able to penetrate the black markets. The area of advertising just like any other sectors has been racism with most advertisement focusing on the majority white community. As such they have failed to tap the available black market. The boycott that the black community got involved in during the civil rights movement era just goes to show that the black community although neglected have considerable impact on the economy. This is because they contribute greatly as consumers. This paper analysis this article highlighting the main points by the author, why the topic is significant and raises several discussion questions for further analysis of this article.
The issues raised in article is the failure of advertisements to take into account of the black market segment which as the research has shown have serious implications on success of an organization. There has also been raised the issue of the nature of advertisement. Originally, advertisements were racist as they mainly focused on the white market segment. By doing this, the advertisers locked away a potential market. Considering that the black community is the second largest race in America, failing to incorporate them in a company’s marketing strategy makes the company lose a considerable potential market. The African American would definitely be repulsed by racist advertisement and look for products that are free of this segregation or those which that they can identify with. This topic is significant because today we are living in a highly competitive business climate. Company is looking for areas where they can get a competitive advantage over their rivals. One way of doing this is increasing their market scope. The black market provides a potential untapped market which when tapped can help a company have considerable growth. The article shows how the local radios had been used by company focusing their products on the black community and they have been successful. The success of a company depended on its ability to expand into new markets and maintaining the existing ones. Getting insight into how other companies has successfully penetrated the ignored black market can help a company expand and grow.
Discussion Questions
In order to get further insight in this topic the following are discussion questions that one can consider?
Which media would work well for the contemporary black community without seeming offensive?
Is there a need to adopt the products for this market in terms of differentiation and prices? This is considering the fact that in the contemporary world, people of the black race are not only found in the lower end of earning but they cut across all levels of earning.
How can advertising incorporate the unique African culture in the advertisement to make their products more attractive to this community. This is because people are more likely to buy products or services that they can easily identify with.
How can the existing media be used to reach this market?
Would there be a need to create new media to reach this segment considering its unique features?
Additional discussion questions
What are the specific aspects of contemporary advertising that are considered to be racist and hence hinder the penetration of businesses to the black market?
Besides the black community, in order to maximize profits organizations also need to focus its attention to other minority groups. Which media can be used to access these other minority groups?
In conclusion, for a company to expand its horizon, it is important to consider all the potential strategies that it can employ to do so. In reaching the black community, organization should ensure that they deliver what they advertise and this would win the trust of their clients. Moreover, although a company may have good products, it needs good advertisement that connects it to the client. Read More
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