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The issue of passing in the US revolves around the practice whereby some inferior races seek association and assimilation to the superior races. Arguably, America comprises of many groups ranging from races to religions…
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The concept of passing
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The concept of passing The issue of passing in the US revolves around the practice whereby some inferior races seek association and assimilation to the superior races. Arguably, America comprises of many groups ranging from races to religions. Amongst these groups, cultural and political practices emerge, which further affect cohesion and integration of the groups. However, most of the Americans emulate differences amongst themselves reflecting to the historical practices lenient to their groups. Therefore, the groups acquire advantages or disadvantages depending on the cultural background (Rosenblum, & Travis, 2011). The resultant of the differences is the constraint of interrelations amongst the groups. Arguably, some of the superior groups enjoy more benefits and hardly fall victim to legalities, as they remain special in the society (Althen, Doran, & Szmania, 2003). The following is a discussion seeking to reflect the issue off passing and its effects to the broad American society, maintaining a closer view to the advantages and disadvantages found therein. Who is black? One Nation's Definition Researchers extensively revealed that the issue of being an African American depends on the person’s ancestry. In such a case, if a black American was ever introduced in the person’s ancestry then he is termed a black American. However, such people find it hard to belong to the superior white races or the inferior black races. Karen and Travis observe that the American races define interrelationships since some races are superior while others are inferior. Arguably, the authors observe that the white races accrue added advantages from the national resources compared to the colored races. Those groups falling between the white and black races fall in the center stage since they are most preferred to the black (p 2). Travis and Rosenblum observed the trend of passing and argued that the races fall under the circumstances without realizing the reasons of such treatment. For instance, they observe that American white races are superior compared to the colored ones (Hinterholzer, 2007). Additionally, historical passing of the beliefs, norms, and ideologies adversely influence superiority complex amongst the races. From Friendly Foreigner to Enemy Race Despite the fact that Africans enslaved to America during the ancient days were absorbed as part of the American society, the race remains inferior amongst the whites and other light-skinned races (p 30). Since independence, African-Americans struggle to gain recognition, but all in vain. The authors observed that many black activists redeem the race from injustices suffered and little changes resulted thereafter (Miller, & Garran, 2008). Therefore, Americans observations of who is black are dependent on the skin color. In this context, the authors identified that the races with white skin always got different, but advantageous treatment compared to those races different from the whites. Mainly, the extent of acquiring the benefits reflected on the skin coloration, which has been the norm up to the present times (p 45). Conclusions drawn show that the extent of skin coloration determines the relation of a person to the black race and his inferiority to the American society. Formulating Identity in a Globalized World Historically, the initial inhabitants of America were the red Indians followed by the white races. During the colonial period, black slaves were traded to the American white races for labor purposes. Travis and Karen observed the race was important to the white colonialists since they performed strenuous and tiresome tasks in the absence of machinery. However, the white race observed the inferior races as foreigners whose main purpose was subjection to hard tasks (p 54). The white races begun to feel intimidated because of the fast rate of multiplication amongst the black races and the beginning of labor strikes as the blacks, together with other inferior races started fighting for their rights in the American society. Now, the American white races referred to the blacks as enemies, while still the red Indians observed and referred to the white race as enemies and no longer friendly foreigners. The country’s authorities seek to redefine the beliefs and norms prevailing between the races to ensure that everybody acquires equal advantages from the available resources. Arguably, the approach is strenuous and often fails to achieve the desired advantages as it is globally known that racism is concrete in the American society and the differences are lasting, however unknown to those practicing them. With the advent globalization, Americans perceive that cohesion and integration are the only methods of benefiting from the broader society (Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Stotts, & Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Therefore, American authorities seek to redefine the country as the land of opportunities, and through the offer of green cards, the country acquires and assimilates people from different races into America (p 66). Beyond the Closet: The Transformation of Gay and Lesbian Life Homosexuality among the male and female genders prevails as other challenges to the population (p 120). The American society upholds sex identification at the time of birth (p 80). Arguably, the authorities identify and administrate the sex identity thus; it becomes hard for the citizens to change their sexes upon maturity or on realizing that they belong to the opposite gender. However, Illinois State acknowledges transgender individuals and it has constitutionally implemented methods that enable transgender individuals to change their sex identities upon their will. In this context, the authors adapted a survey process amongst the American states and established that the gay and lesbian movements influenced the constitution accordingly. Currently, most of the American states applaud and authorize gay and lesbian marriages. Not Blind Enough: Living in the Borderland Called Legal Blindness The authors adapt a clause, not blind enough, to influence the perceptions of beliefs and ideologies amongst the American society. Travis and Karen observed that the racial differences in America influence interrelations, and the inhabitants rest keen on the decisions they make towards relationships (p 176). For instance, the workplace and other social relationships set a stage whereby the superior races observe the blacks as always inferior and fail to acknowledge their roles under whichever circumstance in occurrence. Therefore, the inferior races pretend not to realize the differences. References Althen, G., Doran, A. R., & Szmania, S. J. (2003). American ways: [a guide for foreigners in the United States. Yarmouth (ME: Intercultural Press. Hinterholzer, S. (2007). Homosexuality as an issue of religion and politics in the USA. Mu?nchen: GRIN Verlag GmbH. Howell, S. (2007). The kinning of foreigners: Transnational adoption in a global perspective. New York [u.a.: Berghahn Books. Miller, J., & Garran, A. M. (2008). Racism in the United States: Implications for the helping professions. Belmont, CA: Thomson Brooks/Cole. Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Stotts, J. L., & Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). (2004). Definitive guidance: The church's statements on homosexuality. Louisville, Ky: Geveva Press. Rosenblum, K & Travis, M,. (2011). The Meaning of Difference: American Constructions of Race, Sex and Gender, Social Class, Sexual Orientation, and Disability. Read More
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