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Race Should No Longer Be A Legal Category In The U.S - Essay Example


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Race Should No Longer Be A Legal Category In The U.S

Primarily, race is considered a biological concept because ones race is determined by the genetic make-up of their parents and ancestors. Nevertheless, in a practical sense race is not just a matter of genetics but a social political construct, which has been used retrospectively and to some extent to separate people into groups by rulers for consolidation of power. .In this essay, it will be undertaken to argue why race categorization should be abolished in America, by demonstrating the problems it causes and the advantages that would accrue to different groups especially minority or mixed parentage. One of the main reasons race need to be “de-categorized” is because it is used by individuals and groups to; separate, subordinate discriminate people based on race hiding behind the law. Besides, many of the classification that still exists today stem from decades before where the laws were purposefully discriminative against some races. For instance, when one groups Hispanics together, social myths and stereotypes that relating to them, most of these negative will be collectively applied to them making them easier targets for discrimination (Spickard). Consider the fact that African Americans take up more than their proportional share of the spaces in prison, this has been used to make the argument that African Americans have a greater propensity for criminal activity and as a result, many people covertly believe they are inherently more violent than other races. However, should one objectively

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consider the history of blacks in America, they would realize that the reason African Americas committed so many violent crimes in the past was because they were denied opportunities for education and fair employment even by the law. This label has remained with them over the years and greatly contributed to instances of discrimination against them. Racial categorizing creates identity issues, especially for people of mixed parentage since it make it appear as if they must select and identify with one particular race. For people of mixed parentage such as part white part African American, the issue of racial categorization retrospectively posed a problem of their not being able to choose their race. Because of the one drop rule, having any black ancestors made one automatically black even if their physical or genetic characteristics attested otherwise (Spickard). Removal or racial categorization is thus beneficial to individuals of mixed parentage since they can get to choose their race. Race categorization makes it painful at times for both parents and children especially when the child is of mixed race and does not resemble the parent in any way. An example of this is, Tiger Woods, who has discriminated in the past because of his color by people who saw him as nothing but a black pinning all the stereotypes and negative presuppositions about blacks on him (Racial categorization 8). People of mixed parentage, can also decide to decide to belong to no particular races since issue of race categorization ultimately culminates in color, and some them may not wish to be judged thus. For instance, an individual may be born to a half white mother and black father and possess the physical characteristics of their Caucasian ancestors such as blue eyes, sandy hair. By virtue of his/her parentage, the individual might be more black than white, yet form his appearance society will most likely


Author’s Name Nov 14th 2012 Among the developed nations, the United States has the greatest diversity in terms of different racial ethic, and cultural groups thanks to the many years or migration by people from all corners of the world in pursuit of opportunity…
Author : kovaceknorris
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Race Should No Longer Be A Legal Category In The U.S
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