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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Introduction Racial discrimination in the criminal justice system is prevalent in areas where the minority ethnic groups reside. This discrimination goes unreported or always neglected. Racism flaws the process of police enforcement in criminal activities…
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Racial Discrimination in Criminal Justice System
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Download file to see previous pages The targeting of these groups by the police on the notion that they commit more crimes acts to deepen the alienation and hostility between the police and these communities. These complain of such groups not taken seriously not withstanding that they are a target of regular police hostility and violence. These kinds of racist behavior done trough the complete awareness and consideration by legislators on the history of racism, and the societal challenges brought about by racist treatment of people. The criminal justice system comprises of the courts, police and the correctional facilities. Discrimination usually occurs to individuals who belong to a group either marginalized or belonging to a group that with history of social stigmatization. These individuals have a higher likely hood of torture or undergoing human degrading treatment. The racial origins of a suspect form the basis of making decisions police arrests and police shootings. The race-based discrimination is the greatest crime in the criminal justice system where the targeted individuals face more aggressive and punishments as compared to the total population. Looking at the United State of America, for example, the African Americans are a target of racial discrimination and face a much harsher punishment and treatment than the whites. Racial discrimination The aspect of racial profiling by the police brings out the vice of racial discrimination by the police. ...
In trying to eradicate this practice, the police have tried to keep away from the habits the police force has recruited individuals from these communities into force in order to try and increase the confidence of these communities in the police force. The view among the public citizens is that the functioning of race as a basis of deciding on whom to stop and search is wrong. This position, however, challenged by a section especially in connection to terrorist attacks, and the use of race to form the basis of stop and search seems necessary. The effect of racial profiling is that the police do not get assistance by these communities’ especially in investigations and during community policing done by the police on these neighborhoods. Changes aimed at reducing racial disparity Although considerable efforts made to reduce instances of racial discrimination and increase trust in policing strategies among the communities the practice yet still exists. Scarman's recommendations The Scarman’s report of the Brixton disorders in 1981 extensively seen as of immense significance in development of practices of policing. The inquiry of the Scarman regarded additional necessity by the flare of rioting across the country in the same year. The fundamentally concern was about the failure by the police to deal with riots resulting from repressive policing methods, the failure of approval and the lack of capability in conflict resolution and public disorder. It is essential to note that much of the police reforms conducted during the 1980 s. In consideration to changes in discriminatory practices and policing, Scarman in concluding his report states that the allegations by a number of individuals who offered ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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