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Name: Topic: Instructor: Date: Test 1 Q1: Were the founders of the United States of America a bunch of hypocritical racists? Or were they sandwiched between their idealistic creed, which states, “all men are created equal,” and their “rational” thought of owning and utilizing slaves for cheap labor?…
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Download file to see previous pages Consider relevant class readings. What would Thomas Jefferson think of President Barrack Obama? The fathers of the United States of America laid the foundations of the country proclaiming it to be a free country that would guarantee equal rights and protection for authoritarian forces to its citizens. While it is true that the foundations laid by the Great White Fathers were ethnocentric, they cannot be called hypocritical in their approach. What the founders propagated at the time of America’s independence was the popular belief. The belief that was widely accepted at the time was that the African American does not have a say in the political arena and they are an ethnic group that are restricted best to the tasks of slavery. It is also true that in declaring all men equal, Thomas Jefferson referred only to the white male who owned a certain amount of property. Moreover, Jefferson commented on blacks as lacking reason, being myopic towards danger and of being deprive of creativity and imagination. Indeed, Thomas Jefferson may not have approved of Barack Obama as worthy of holding the office of the President of America believing him to lack the biological traits necessary for a leadership position. Even so, while Thomas Jefferson’s remarks may be evidence enough to call him a racist, the truth is that almost every white man in America at the time believed the same. The popular belief of the time did not accord political representation and economic independence to the women and poor either. To label the founding fathers a victim of racial bias would therefore, be wrong since their beliefs and actions were guided by the popular opinion of the time. Indeed, it is popular opinion that is the driving force of the New Democracy of America. It is the people who decide what public policy should be adopted towards ethnic minorities; therefore, it is unfair to charge the politicians of the time for being ethnocentric. A true democracy represents the voice and wishes of its people, and in following the voice of the public, the United States of America as well as its founders are staying close to the ideals of democracy. The influence of public opinion in American politics can be evinced from the fact that years later, when the people of America were ready to accept the African American as an equal citizen, mainly as a result of the widespread Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, there was legislation that supported the change and granted suffrage to the Black community. All of this was possible because the founding fathers constructed the constitution in such a way that it allowed for changes in laws, keeping popular opinion in mind. Had the constitution been worded against the African American community in absolute words, there would have been little scope for change. The passion of the founding fathers of America represents the desire to think independently towards a brighter future. In preserving the spirit of hope and constructive positive change in the American constitution, the founding fathers have indeed displayed great political thought, for which they must be applauded. Q2: Do you think gays and lesbians should be given the same civil rights as all others in the body social and body politic? For example, should they be allowed to form civil and/or marital unions? In general, does Ronald Takaki address this issue in A Different Mirror? Given his thesis on “Prospero” and “Caliban,” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sociogloy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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