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Relationship between Marrying Later and Marital Stability: How Delaying I Do Impacts Happily Ever After - Research Paper Example

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This paper highlights that An increasing number of people are delaying marriage, whether they are cohabitating or not. The topic that needs to be answered in determining the relationship between marrying later and marital dissolution for first marriages…
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Relationship between Marrying Later and Marital Stability: How Delaying I Do Impacts Happily Ever After
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Studies showed that people who marry later in life tend to stay married than people who marry during their teens, although compatibility, education, and economic factors shape the stability of marriage for both groups. The ideal age of marriage is in the early to late twenties, although people who marry later can also have stable marriages. Teenage marriage has higher dissolution rates than older people who get married, although teenage childbirth is not strongly correlated with marital dissolution. Educational level, socio-economic status of women before and during the marriage, and perceptions of role consensus and quality of spouse role enactment impact marital stability, whether people marry early or not. Because compatibility is critical to marriage stability, marrying earlier is not always strongly correlated to higher marital dissolution, except when it interfered with educational and/or employment opportunities for women, since women are still the typical gender burdened with childcare and household responsibilities.
The main hypothesis is that people, who marry later, specifically from they're the early to late twenties, tend to have higher marriage stability than teenage marriages. Other mediating factors can exist to ensure the strength and duration of marriages for older people, such as race, religion, education, compatibility, and socio-economic conditions, but only the last three were emphasized. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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