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Interracial and Interethnic Relationships - Research Paper Example

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In the current world, it is may not be possible to find any society that is purely composed of people of one race or ethnic background. The issue of people from various racial and ethnic backgrounds migrating and mingling with others of different backgrounds has a long history…
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Interracial and Interethnic Relationships
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Download file to see previous pages Such people have learned to accept and live with one another while cooperating for the success of various social, economic and political endeavors. Some of these migrations are long-term or permanent and this has encouraged interracial and, interethnic intimacies and marriages. At first, interracial and interethnic marriages met a lot of resistance in many societies. An example is America where many states instituted the antimiscegenation laws. These laws prohibited interracial marriage. Despite these laws, many children were born out of relationships between Blacks and whites, including black slaves and their white masters. By 1950s, many states had removed such statutes leading to a great rise in interracial as well as interethnic marriages. Such a freedom is worth celebrating although it is disturbing to note the level of marital instability among interracial couples as compared to same-race couples. Throughout this paper, the term interracial marriage will be used to refer to a marriage between people of different racial backgrounds whereas the term interethnic marriages will be used to refer to marriage between people of different ethnic background. To be more precise, ethnicity refers to cultural heritage will is defined in terms of language, life-style, religion and socio-cultural aspects. The history of interracial marriages One society that records the highest level of interracial and interethnic marriages is America. ...
Washington, Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Martin and Frederick Douglass. The arrival of immigrants from Latin America, Asia and other places increased interracial coupling among racial minorities. Statistics on interracial and interethnic marriages Despite restrictions from antimiscegenation laws, and later Black Codes, relationships and marriages between blacks and whites continued and this was far reaching in those states where the antimiscegenation laws were not introduced. Since the removal of the antimiscegenation laws and the “Black Codes, the rate of marriage between the whites and the blacks greatly increased. Statistics released by the Census Bureau reveal that by 1970, such marriages numbered 300,000 and in 1990, this figure had risen to 1.2 million. Between 1960 and 1990 the percentage of these types of marriages tripled (Swanbrow 24). Apart from the blacks and the whites, interracial marriages in the US also involves other races and ethnic groups. Recent statistics released by the Census Bureau indicate that 65% of Japanese Americans marry people of a different race and 75% of the Native Americans marry outside their ethnicity. The US 2000 census indicates that the percentage of married couples who come from different interracial backgrounds has increased significantly. At that time, they were 2,669,558, accounting for 4.9% (Passel et al 23). In 2008 and 2009, analysis of demographic data relating to all new marriages was done by the Pew Research Center. According to the findings of these studies, 14.6% of all marriages in 2008 were interracial or interethnic. Among all the newlyweds of 2008, racial representation in terms of marrying out was: whites 9%, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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