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The novel negates war and presents a graphic description of the horror, squalor and brutality of war. The novelist also delves deep into the psychology of the war veterans and the war victims in…
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Analyze book
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Download file to see previous pages The protagonist of the novel, Ishmael Chambers is the veteran of the Second World War. He is physically handicapped because of the war wound, which has left him with an amputated arm.  His personal relationship with a local Japanese- American also ended abruptly. His pride is hurt and a prejudice is born out of it. Hatsue Imada is presently Kabuo’s wife who once shared a romantic relationship with Ishmael Chambers but broke off for reasons not known. Carl Heine was the local fisherman. These characters are central to the plot of the novel, explore the themes of prides of the whites, and prejudice against the people of the Japanese descent.  The whites resented the immigration of the Japanese but tolerated them for their hard work and economic profit. This is what we call the political economy where the superior race tolerates the inferior race for profit, (Leiman, 1-21). This kind of immigration makes room for the development of mixed culture and gives birth to the concept of ‘Hybridity’. Hybridity is the amalgamation of different races together and producing a new lineage (Murfin and ray, 279). Many filmmakers like Spencer Tracy in his movie “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” has further evolved this concept of interracial relationship. These kinds of relationships proceed towards global harmony but initially it has suffered many hindrances. (Richardson,1) Racial Discrimination and the dilemma of mixed culture are predominant in the novel and portrayed through interracial relationships.
The story of the novel is set in the small and isolated island of San Piedro which symbolizes the apparent silence and the suppressed prejudice when two races of polar opposites are to dwell in the same place. Kabuo, a wartime veteran suffers from a guilty conscience. He is Japanese but he fought for the Americans during the Second World War. He laments killing his own fellow brothers and this sense of guilt demoralizes him. After the war, we find him confining ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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