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Carter/Tucker House - Case Study Example

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Structurally, the house measures approximately 12,00m x 6,00m in dimensions, which puts it at a strategic position for studying. The house that is found in Victoria, Australia…
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Carter/Tucker House
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Download file to see previous pages hts for its parameters were made with regard to the architectural designs of the Chinese and Japanese construction techniques.1 According to the traditional architectural design of the Japanese, the linkage of the house corridor to its structure is in the form that is not continuous; hence, can be regarded as a mere space of fluid in the house. The image below shows an exterior view of the cedar screens as clad in the building.
In simpler terms, the building in the form of a glass box has slender cedar panels of battens that are sheathed into its structure; thus, can be highly regarded as a housing unit for emergency relief made from recycled shipping containers. Given that the idea of skin façade is currently being replaced by the contemporary architecture, the exterior layer of the house mediates between it and the environment. However, the veiled façades of the building has its elements not evident in the immediate way.
The building has three floors, and the ground floor can be divided into two rooms by the help of a sliding wall. The middle and third floors are mainly set for use as bedrooms and living rooms, respectively. The upper floor allows for the use as a photographic studio during daylight. In all the three levels of the building, the outer skin or timber screens tilt through the use of adjustable louvres to form awnings on the house’s perimeter.2 The louvres of the screens are designed to be changing in a constant mode so that the appearance of the building is modified in a conscious way for accentuating the building’s buoyancy.
On the interior of the house, the structure of the walls and the floors including the stairs to the upper rooms indicate a design aimed at attaining ambient environment. The structure of the roof is designed in a manner that would prevent snow from falling in during times of cooler climates. The house’s verandah is also designed in an abstracted form that allows for the recreation and the ceiling’s horizontal plane ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Carter/Tucker House Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Carter/Tucker House Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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