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Birth Rate correlates - collect statistical data (online or other resources) for 6 nations which have a high percentage of Catho - Essay Example


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Birth Rate correlates - collect statistical data (online or other resources) for 6 nations which have a high percentage of Catho

Consequently, there is a need for every government to put in place policies that ensure that the available resources are wisely utilized for sustainable development. Policy makers are therefore concerned with developing measures and mechanisms aimed at controlling population growth for sustainability. In many cases, an increasing population has been blamed for internal unrest and communal wars experienced in many third world countries, as communities fight over resources like land and water. Discussion Population control hence becomes eminent in order to reduce the rate at which a country’s population grows. Despite the use of contraceptives, there are numerous natural birth control methods that can be employed. The methods to be used are determined by individual families in consultation with family planning specialists. The Catholic Church has been one of those institutions that have been against the use of artificial birth control methods like the condom. According to the Doyle in his article titled “Natural Family Planning Key to Intimacy”, Catholics do believe that “artificial contraception is evil, and only natural family planning conforms to the objective criteria of morality”. As such, this policy has greatly affected the birth rates in countries where there are high catholic populations like Brazil, Philippines, Argentina, Mexico, Italy and Spain. In Brazil, 73.6% of the people are Catholics as per the 2000 census. According to the CIA World Factbook, 24.7% of the people are under

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You can also use percentages to explain how well you are feeling. Injured athletes often say how close they are to 100% to determine if they are able to play or when they might be able to participate again. One interesting cliche in sports is when someone says, “That guy is really giving 110% out there.” This is, of course, mathematically impossible but the message that the saying is trying to get across is that the guy is really giving an unusual amount of effort (Wikipedia, 2009).
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This makes it a good study resource for the analysis for high mortality rate. The economy of a country, political stability and its demography are directly related to population growth thus the provision of medical care as well as earth services. High mortality rate is influenced by poor medical services and economic instability of a particular state.
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14 years. Additionally, 68.2% are in the birth-giving age of 15-64 years. The remaining 7.1% are those who are 65 years and over. From these statistics, it is clear that there is family planning in the country as only 24.7% of the population fall below the 14 years age bracket. Furthermore, the CIA World Factbook indicates that the country’s population growth rate 1.102%. The country’s birth rate is at 17.48 births per 1000 people. As such, the low birth rate could be attributed to birth control in Brazil. On THE Other hand, the Philippines has 82.9% as Catholics. According to the CIA World Factbook, the country’s total population is 103, 775, 002 people as per a census carried out in 2012. Its age structure is different as compared to that of Brazil, a catholic-dominated nation too. Here, 34.3% of the total population does fall below 14 years of age. Additionally, 61.3% are between 15 to 64 years whereas those over 65 years constitute 4.3% of the total population. Essentially, a high population below 14 years of age means that natural birth control methods, as per the Catholic Church have not been such effective in the country. Moreover, given that the country has a population growth rate of 1.873% and birth rate of 24.98 births per 1000 people shows that family planning is low. Another country dominated by Catholics is Argentina. According to the CIA Factbook, 92% of the country’s total populations are Catholics. In contrary to the Philippines that had a high population below 14 years, Argentina’s population below this age bracket is only 25.2%. In addition, 63.6% of the people are within 15-64 years of age while only 11.1% are 65 years and above. The statistics are as per a census undertaken in 2012 and contained in the CIA Factbook. The country’s population growth rate is 0.997% with a birth rate of 17.34 births per 1000 people. Consequently, the low birth rate in Argentina can be attributed to religion whereby the Catholic


Birth Rate Correlates Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Introduction A country’s population is an important economic asset, as it provides the necessary labor force. This is especially essential in running of different economic processes as well as activities that make up the different sectors of an economy…
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Birth Rate correlates - collect statistical data (online or other resources) for 6 nations which have a high percentage of Catho
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