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Micro Units - Essay Example

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[Instructor Name] Micro Units Advantages and disadvantages of living in a micro unit Micro units are living spaces which are around 300 square feet with all elements of a home available in that limited space; the kitchen, bedroom, dining area, washing area, bathroom etc…
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Micro Units
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Download file to see previous pages This movement was started by Michael Bloomberg, who is considered a ‘social engineer.’ He has been bent on making the city of New York a better place to live in; cleaner, healthier and economical (Susman 2012). A few statistics that need to be considered to be in favor of building micro units and utilizing them are: around 33% of New Yorkers are people who live alone, and a great deal of them either has an additional parent or child with them (i.e. being single parent families) and they could do well with a smaller space both in terms of price and space. By 2030, the population is expected to rise by 900,000 and 0.8 million target population for this project who is not utilizing this facility but are perfect candidates for it. It is highly unlikely that the city will be able to accommodate the population in terms of its growth rate. Most of the large houses and the housing stocks also are available for nuclear families and there are laws for example for two families living together in an apartment and so forth, and so micro units are a convenient solution of those who have been living illegally. So basically the market is available and making this option open will just cater to the demand of the economy. Most people also perceive that bigger is better and smaller places are dull and gloomy, but many examples show that one can personalize their own small space better, and move about easier; e.g. the distance between the bathroom and the kitchen and the bedroom is smaller and so it is convenient to move around in one’s own little space. In this way one can exercise their personal creativity and have a sense of ownership; it can actually even be good for the soul. Also, the smaller the space, the smaller the rent, and thus these micro units are also more economical. Most single individuals start with a salary of about 1300$/month and with this amount can usually not afford a larger space with a higher rent, or purchase homes. And therefore, it is more feasible for them to shift into a smaller space where they may even some disposable income left to spend other than on their housing needs. The real estate market is extremely pricey and thus people flee to such small dwellings which do not make them feel poor. It is also easier to maintain these micro units as they are a smaller space and thus easier to protect, clean etc. Also, the growing trend of urbanized cities is that individuals are barely ever at home. For such a situation, there is no point of owning a large plot and a large home and pay all the expenses as well because not only is it unfeasible but it is difficult to maintain and there are many others looking for space in the populous city who would not get any accommodation because others who can afford it buy large spaces and don’t even dwell in them. Lastly, people don’t hoard; they will not have the space to keep unnecessary items and will continue to purge and clean their homes so that they are not only cleaner, but there is no clutter and only the important stuff is available in their homes. In this way, they will become simpler and cleaner. This will lead to “charming but cramped apartments” that one would want to live in and not consider them as unlucky. However this micro unit movement also has certain disadvantages. The movement that Bloomberg has proposed will only provide a space for the building of these micro units, not the construction costs that the tenants will have to bear. Micro units are also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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