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Unit 2 Case Management in Human Services - Research Paper Example

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Her family is living in abject poverty and unfortunately she also grew up in a family that was made up of twenty two children. One of her sons wants to pursue law in his future…
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Unit 2 Case Management in Human Services
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Extract of sample "Unit 2 Case Management in Human Services"

Unit 2 Case Management in Human Services Matriarch Tammy Crabtree, 42, is a mother of four living in a dilapidated trailer in Southern Ohio. Her family is living in abject poverty and unfortunately she also grew up in a family that was made up of twenty two children. One of her sons wants to pursue law in his future career endeavors but he is facing numerous challenges. This is a discussion post that looks for strengths and barriers in Tammys micro, meso, and macro-level systems to come up with an ecological assessment of the situation.
Summers (2011) notes that “client and context have been defined as having three levels.“ They include micro, meso, and macro levels. In the context of Tammy’s situation, the micro-level system can be described as a family that faces malnutrition because the four children appear weak in health. Psychologically, Tammy’s son is ashamed of their family because of the high level of poverty. As noted earlier on, Tammy grew up in a poor family where they were twenty two children. She is forced to walk ten miles away just to fetch for the family.
At the meso level, Tammy has four sons and one of them has the dream of one day becoming a lawyer or an architecture. This presents financial constraints to the family because Tammy given that Tammy has a low paying job. However, the son is very hardworking and performs well at school. Tammy’s macro-level systems can be described as a family living at the lowest level of income and having to cope with their challenges to achieve their dreams of a better life (Summers, 2011).

Summers, N. (2011). Fundamentals of Case Management Practice: Skills for Human Services. New York: Cengage Learning. Read More
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