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Three domains( biosocial,cognitive and psychosocial - Essay Example

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Psychology Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts 28th September, 2012 Introduction Human beings undergo different stages in the process of growth and some of these stages include the childhood stages. It is recognized by scientists that a person’s growth is monitored under the three domains namely biosocial, cognitive and psychological…
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Three domains( biosocial,cognitive and psychosocial
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Download file to see previous pages Several psychologists such as Jean Piaget, Sigmund Freud and Erikson came up with theories that explain human behaviour at different stages of the human life. Domains of Human Growth Human beings perceive and operate differently and therefore we have to make use of the three domains of human growth to analyze the behaviour of two year olds. Two year old children are at a stage in life where they are able to develop their motor skills and master other skills effectively. Moreover, their cognitive abilities become better and it is at this stage that these young children get to know the difference between good and bad. The mental capabilities of two year olds develop and they become more social towards different people. In terms of recognition, the cognitive ability of the two year olds becomes more evident at this stage. For instance, they can recognize different faces and people easily. This is more specifically for these young children to recognize their biological parents. Moreover, these children can move easily and their movements become better and improved (Kail 78). In terms of physical movements and control of the body, by the time children get to become two years old, they learn how to control their body. For instance, it is around this time that children can control on how to retain or maintain faeces in the process of controlling their bodies. It is also at his stage that children depend and learn from the environment on how to act. For instance, children at this age tend to repeat the actions of the people close to them. However, the most remarkable feature of children at this age is the cognitive development. This is to the extent that most young kids at his age are able to identify their gender easily. Theories on Human Development Several theories have been advanced to explain the behaviour of human beings as they grow up. These theories have been developed by psychologists or scientists who have studied human behaviour through observations. Among these psychologists are Piaget, Freud and Erikson who have advanced theories on human development. Piaget is well renowned among the three psychologists, this is because he specifically studied young children and came up with various conclusions. Piaget explains that children think differently from adults and this observation was important in debunking the myth that adults are more competent than children. His main argument is that children especially of two years or below think that strikingly different from older people (Sigelman 104). Piaget focused on cognitive study of young children and adolescents which was summed up by three components which are namely schemas, processes between different stages and stages of development. Furthermore, he states that schema is the building block of the world since it is the way people perceive the world. For instance, a young child will suckle when an object is placed close to his mouth. Therefore, intellectual growth in a child happens through the schema. He elucidates that the schema is developed either through assimilation or accommodation. Whereby assimilation is the situation that a child perceives on his/her own on the way things are to be done (Kail 118). While, accommodation is whereby a child schema does not work and therefore the environment which in most cases is the influences end up ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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