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Aggressive Child Behavior in Playgrounds - Literature review Example

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"Aggressive Child Behavior in Playgrounds" paper conducts a thorough review of the literature which includes general observation techniques and specific research on studies that observed aggression on the playground and research findings as they relate to the difference in gender-related activities…
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Aggressive Child Behavior in Playgrounds
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Extract of sample "Aggressive Child Behavior in Playgrounds"

Download file to see previous pages What better way to observe the differences in aggressive behavior between boys and girls than in a playground set?

Both the psychological and the biological relationships will also be analyzed, looking at the differences in the generally observed behavior of both genders as well as the particular attitude towards aggression observed. The literature reviewed will take into account environmental factors such as economic, parental, sociological, school, and so on. It will also examine the biological underpinnings of genders in general and specifically as it relates to aggression in young children and adolescents in order to present a well-rounded view of the research already undertaken.

Finally, through the use of this research a questionnaire will be developed and presented which will be used when observing aggressive behavior differences in children on the playground. The literature will also revue the possible occurrence of biases that may be present, both in the observed as well as the observer, that may relate to the specific issue of observation in general in the difference on the gender of the observer when it comes to perceiving aggression presented behavior from either boys or girls.

Over the past few decades it has become incumbent upon researches to further asses the aggressive and anti-social behavior of children, not only its observation and development but its correction and amelioration for the sake of the safety of society:

Aggression, violence, and bullying on school playgrounds have become critical issues for researchers and educators. Recent incidents of school shootings and assaults have raised concerns about the nature and cause of these aggressive acts. In fact, aggression has become one of the most widely researched indicators of child adjustment (Delveaux & Daniels, 2000, p. 672)

In reviewing the literature on observational detail, common naturalistic observations (Hersen & Ammerman, 2000) are among the highest-rated for their accuracy and veracity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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