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Do Welfare Handouts Motivate People To Be Lazy - Essay Example

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In the United States, social welfare systems exist to ensure healthy balance for people in different social-economic classes. In the United States, poverty is prevalent among some social groups depending on gender and racial affiliation…
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Do Welfare Handouts Motivate People To Be Lazy
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"Do Welfare Handouts Motivate People To Be Lazy"

Download file to see previous pages For example, women and ethnic minorities rely on welfare than men and people belonging to ethnic majorities (Browne, 2006). However, the issue of welfare benefits sourced from increased taxation of the working class has created a lot of controversy. The working class argues that the use of welfare handouts simply encourages the recipients to be lazy and avoid work, since they can live comfortably without working. This viewpoint forms the subject of discussion for this essay. Poverty is a social construct brought about by various inequalities in the society. According to Browne (2011), society has come to refer to the people reliant on the welfare state as the underclass, since these people are somehow secluded from the rest of the society. According to this viewpoint, the people belonging to the underclass have developed a non-working culture, which makes them reluctant to find employment. These people lack motivation and are lost in a poverty mentality that leads them to become dependent on others. The most prevalent groups in the underclass are African-American, Asians, Hispanic, and single black mothers who are unemployed. For the case of single unemployed mothers, they need to provide their children with basic needs, which they cannot afford. A case in point is that of Angel Adams, who in 2010 hit the headlines for being a homeless, unemployed single mother of 15 kids (Morelli, 2010). This means that the taxpayer has to pay for the upbringing of children they do not even know. For the taxpayer, it would seem more logical for young women to first of all ensure that they have a stable source of income before becoming pregnant and leaving the burden of raising the children to the public. Yes, there are people who honestly need welfare benefits to survive, such as the physically disabled and children. On the contrary, there are able-bodied people out there who simply refuse to work and depend on handouts. These are the people that most Americans wish could be cut-off from the welfare programs, thus forcing them to work. Most people feel that the attitude of the underclass towards work is to blame for the poverty among people from this group. Whites in America blame ethnic minorities, especially immigrants for the increased levels of welfare funding. Unfortunately, Americans have turned to racial bias towards African-Americans, the latter who are blamed for being the biggest recipients of welfare funds and services. The whites believe that the uncontrolled fertility among blacks is what gives rise to so many costly children (Dillon, 2009). However, society is not as just as many people would want to believe. Society has a way of stereotyping people based on their social-economic and ethnic backgrounds. For example, Mooney, David & Caroline (2010) state that poor people are labeled as lazy, unmotivated, immoral, and irresponsible. On the other hand, rich people are seen as industrious, innovative, and highly motivated. With such perceptions from the society, the underclass and especially the poor are excluded from most societal functions. These people, according to Browne (2011) share the same attitudes towards work and prosperity as everyone else in society. The only problem is they lack the opportunities to show that they too would want to find gainful employment and be self-sufficient. This leaves most of the poor people miserable and lacking in self-confidence, leading to missed opportunities for self-reliance and personal growth. Most of the poor people lack education and skills to be gainfully employed. Accordingly, if they were to get jobs, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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