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Book Critique: The Mystery of Marriage by Mike Mason - Essay Example

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Subject: Sociology, Essay Date: Topic: Book Critique: The Mystery of Marriage by Mike Mason Marriage is compared to a meandering river that flows through terrains and plains, vales and hills. Two individuals bound in the institution of marriage try to ‘flow’ together harmoniously…
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Book Critique: The Mystery of Marriage by Mike Mason
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Download file to see previous pages Marriage is not the culmination, but the beginning of the love-life. No marriage is smooth-going during the entire life-span of an individual, man or woman. It is a process of living through trials and tribulations, duty and beauty of life. With willingness to succeed and with the blessings of Almighty, marriages succeed. In the book, “The Mystery of Marriage,” Mike Mason provides life-changing insights. The marriage relationship, according to him, is love, intimacy, sex and the willing submission. Ethical values and a sense of humor cement the relationship of marriage. The importance of sense of humor: Marriage is a constant struggle for dependence and for independence. Any woman, my wife included, watches her husband carefully, his responses, even for the small issues. Such issues, when repeatedly neglected, assume importance and provide room for disagreement. If the husband fails to fulfill the small and inexpensive demands of wife, it touches her heart and she turns suspicious and begins to think, ‘why my husband is behaving like this?’ It doesn’t take much time for small issues to shape into big problems. That day we were to celebrate our twenty-fourth marriage anniversary. The celebrations were in the evening for which a few family members and our close friends were invited. I went to the market with the list prepared by her for the items to be purchased. Apart from the listed items, she placed an oral order with me to get two ‘Ladies Bank ’roses. “I want this variety only, no other rose,” she cautioned. After the initial survey in the flower-market, I realized that it was a rare variety. “5 dollars for each rose,” said the vendor. “I’ve just four roses with me.” “Are you kidding? Are you quoting the rate for one dozen? 5 dollars? Incredible! Do you think that I am a novice in flower-purchasing? Do I buy flowers for the first time in my life? Take 2 dollars and pack two roses for me.” “Are you joking Sir? Are you buying these roses for the first time?” My bargaining power having failed, I thought of the other option. Why buy two roses? One should be fine. I paid 5 dollars and asked him to pack one rose. The vendor stared at me suspiciously and gave me the packet not before saying, “Sir, Ladies Bank is always bought in pairs. It is the symbol of love!” I returned home with lots of misgivings about the merits of my action in buying one rose. She was ready for my reception. Even before opening the door fully, she questioned, “I suppose this packet has two roses!” I opened the packet and showed her the rose! Seizing it she screamed angrily, “Where is the second rose?” I realized I had hurt her sentiments. Two roses represented wife and husband….and that was the day of our twenty-fourth wedding anniversary. She was shocked at my negligence, and pierced me with her sharp gaze. Her cheeks reddened with anger to see the gift of just one rose! “Where is the second rose?” this time the question was a mixture of anger and scorn. The poet and the sense of humor within me saved the situation. I replied calmly trying to smile, “The second rose is your pose!” ……….Humor had won again! Marriage is surrender to divinity Failed marriage is the worst thing that can happen to an individual. Mike Mason (2001) writes, “Marriage, as simply as it can be defined, is the contemplation of the love of God in and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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