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The Quota System - Essay Example

For a long time, politics has been dominated by the males. The participation of the females back then was not significant. This can be attributed to the long standing perception that politics is for the males. The stereotyping for politics being a male dominated field was based on the murky and dirty nature of politics. Politics at those times was characterized with a lot of toughness and roughness. Therefore, the females due to fear kept off from the politics arena since it entailed alit of rigorous activities. The low participation could also be attributed to the difficulty that is accompanied by women running against the male incumbents. Most women are also found outside the work force and this provides a hindrance for them to engage in politics since financial implications have to be met. The media coverage can also be associated with the participation of women in politics since the female candidates do not enjoy the same coverage as their male counterparts. Instead of the media encouraging the females participating in politics, they go ahead and practice smear politics which is targeted at making the female candidates to be demeaned by the society. The obligations and duties bestowed to the women make their participation in the political arena to be skew. The responsibility that women have in the society such as the family obligations limits the participation of women in politics (Tripp and Kang 2008, p.333). However, the participation of women in politics has been increasing over

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time. More and more women are now getting involved in politics. The participation of the women is attributed to the leveling of the playing field and the introduction of the new campaign strategies amongst the female candidates. The leveling of the playing field has attracted more women to engage in politics since various reforms have been carried out in the political arena. Some of the reforms that have led to the increase in the number of females participating in politics include the meritocratic and the affirmative models as well as the structural changes in the political arena. The meritocratic model allows the participation of the genders based on merit and not any forms of discrimination such as that which is based on gender. The meritocratic model ensures that the females are sensitized and encouraged to run for various positions, training the women for candidacy and the provision of financial assistance for the funding of their campaigns. The affirmative action on the other hand ensures that the women get representation in the various political positions that are available. The affirmative action aims at increasing the number of women who get involved in politics. The affirmative action model provides for a certain proportion or numbers of women get the various political offices. The third modality that has led to the increase in the participation of women in politics is the structural changes that have been instituted in the political arena. The structural changes bring about the increase in the number of female representation in the political field as well as increasing the number of political parties and transformation of the perception in the political culture by encouraging cooperative other than confrontational politics (Tripp and Kang 2008, p. 344). The quota system has become synonymous to the electoral landscape in various parts of the world. The acceptance of the quotas is a good indication that the world is embracing the steps of equal representation with the inclusion of both the male and female genders in the political arena. The quota system provides the means through which women today have gained entry in to the various polit


The clamor for equity in the participation of both the male and female genders in politics is full of intrigues. There has been a wide range of transformations that have taken place in relation to the participation of both genders in politics. …
The Quota System
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