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Racism Care Setting - Assignment Example

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Racism at Care Setting Customer Inserts His/ Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts (Customer Inserts Date) Introduction: It is ironic that although there are no Races, there is Racism (Dalal, 2002, p.27). Racism and discrimination are some very common terms we hear about every other day…
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Racism Care Setting
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Download file to see previous pages For those, who become the target of racist attitudes and negativity, this is something un-understandable. This paper is an attempt to highlight the undeniable issue of racism prevailing in our societies; and to understand how it can be avoided with a collective effort. What is Racism? Farhad Dalal (2002) explains the concept of racism as “Racism is anything- thought, feeling or action- that uses the notion of races as an activating or organising principle. Racism is a form of organising people, commodities and the relationship between them by making reference to a notion of race.” Jason Luey (2008) establishes another fact about racism that, “Racism functions in different ways and at different levels. Expressions can be willful, deliberate, conscious, or they can be indirect, unintentional, reflexive and unconscious”. With racism comes the terminology discrimination. American Heritage Dictionary (ANA, 1998) explains discrimination as, "Making a difference in treatment or favor on a class or categorical basis while disregarding individual merit; (2) acting on the basis of prejudice; and (3) the denial of equal opportunity (i.e. for education, employment, promotions, loans, housing, and health care)". Discrimination may not be easy to prove but its effects are everlasting. Prejudice is included in the explanation, and is considered directly proportional to racism or discrimination. But if we try to evaluate the definition of prejudice, then it becomes clear that prejudice is a judgment made in advance about a person, on the basis of stereotyped assumptions. It incorporates several factors like thoughts, attitudes, insensitivity, and ignorance, not actual behaviours or demonstrable denials of opportunity (ANA, 1998). Stereotype, is something that constitutes prejudices. It is a shorthand way of labeling some particular community, or race with some inappropriate or unconditional statement. For example, the inaccurate stereotype that 'Gypsies are dirty', may give rise to the negative prejudice: 'I don't like Gypsies because they are dirty'. Racism is in particular, a negative and a very prominent product of prejudice. So, when a stereotype creates a prejudice, it leads to discrimination and further collaborates with racism. These terms are correlated with each other and contribute to the affectivity in a broader spectrum. Kendall (2010) believes that, in our society color and caste play an important role in providing the grounds of discriminations and racism. In almost every society which is dominated by any particular race of color, for example, like Whites in America or England there would be some discrimination and racism against the blacks. It is hard to believe but is an established fact, that in the most modern and contemporary societies, such racist attitudes are still prevailing. Though are always thrashed by the media and on a larger scale, but there are enough examples of racist attitudes by people at the highest of ranks and posts, which establish the fact that racism does exist. Racism at Care Setting Racism at workplace has become an everyday culture at every organisation. According to Gupta (1996), “Even though research on Racism in nursing is sparse, the examples of gender, sexism and class in this profession are readily available”. In order to analyze and understand the prevalence of racism at workplace, we may take examples from some ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Racism Care Setting Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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