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American racism between 1600 and 1975 - Essay Example

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The western society is mainly affected by the concept of racism. Racism raised in different cultures because of fear among humans from another. Racism was not in picture from very…
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American racism between 1600 and 1975
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Extract of sample "American racism between 1600 and 1975"

Download file to see previous pages This essay highlights the impact of political, economical and social factors that shaped American racism between the period of 1600 and 1975.
Racism in America is mainly because of the color discrimination among people. Though American society is united and there are fewer conflicts among people still the color discrimination persists. During the sixteenth century it was a major problem and people hated each other because of this reason. Racism mainly started in Africa after people were made to work for European colonies forcefully. Slowly slavery spread across the world and the European colonies were set up in America as well. People were offered jobs and they were made to do difficult jobs all day against their wish. Slavery took a very adverse face when people were sold from one owner to another. Men, women and children were made to do different kind of jobs for the rich people in the European colonies (Beisner, 2003).
The political structure during the sixteenth century led to the rise in racism in the western society. In American political system the government was involved in the transportation of slaves from America to Europe. Due to involvement of government in slavery, racism had drastic affects on the life of people and society. The political structure let people from different countries to come to America and increase the slavery business. People were sold out at high prices and they were treated in the worst ways possible. There were many death reports about people if they turned their back to the white people. Sixteenth century undoubtedly faced the toughest challenge due to racism. People in America faced the challenge because they did not have any voting rights. The government formed by selection not by election hence there was no choice given to people and they had to accept all the changes without any questions. During this period the black skin people faced the toughest challenge and they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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