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Answering Questions (Anthropology) - Assignment Example

However, the implications have changed, as at times it has had a negative connotation, such as when describing African-Americans during the time of slavery (Smedley, 1999). 2. Define scientific racialism and explain how its historical context allows the concept of racism to still be looked at today by scientists. Scientific racialism, by definition, is a process predicated on using the classification principles developed by Linnaeus in the eighteenth century (Cohen & LeFebvre, 2005). Based on these principles, it allowed anthropologists in the early nineteenth century to apply them to different races based on phenotypic or observable traits (Cohen & LeFebvre, 2005). In doing so, Europeans in particular came to classify themselves as racially superior to other cultures and ethnic groups and began to believe that others were inferior (Cohen & LeFebvre, 2005). Due to the historical context of subjugating other races, it allows the concept of racism to be looked at today through the use of genetics, including research that is trying to prove that one portion of the human race is superior to another based on phenotypic traits (Cohen & LeFebvre, 2005). ...
3. Describe the Circumstantialist Model and provide an example of how it shows itself on a daily basis in U.S. culture. The Circumstantialist Model is a model used by anthropologists concerning both ethnicity and race. It bases ethnicity on certain factors, such as ethnic groups forming for organizational reasons, or for economic reasons and/or

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access to certain utilities such as water (Cornell & Hartmann, 2007). The Circumstantialist Model also believes that ethnic and racial groups formed for expediency and by circumstance (Cornell & Hartmann, 2007). Its main defining quality is that ethnic and racial groups are fluid and constantly changing, even within the main group themselves (Cornell & Hartmann, 2007). The Circumstantialist Model shows itself, for example, on a daily basis in the languages that are heard throughout the country. While even twenty years ago one could go to a supermarket and possibly hear one family every once in a while speaking a different language, it is now almost commonplace to hear a medley of languages, all of them different. Another example is the products that line the shelves in those same markets. Foreign foods, once a rare delicacy and treat to a family, can be found almost too easily. Now, it is almost as though one has to search for what was once considered a basic staple through the different ethnic foods that are for sale. These are prime examples of how the ethnic groups in the United States have changed and evolved, enlarging and changing to change the overall culture of the country. 4. Explain why WASP dominance is still seen in U.S. government policies and actions of today. The reason that WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) dominance is still seen in government policies and
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ASB 202 MIDTERM PART 2 (PLEASE USE 125 WORDS PER ANSWER) 1. Describe the origins of the word “race” and its meanings and implications over the last two centuries. The term race has a long and somewhat ambiguous history. It was first used in the fifteenth century when European settlers began to expand and journey beyond the borders of their country (Smedley, 1999)…
Answering Questions (Anthropology)
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