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Scientific Research in Education - Assignment Example

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Scientific research in education Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Scientific research in education Scientific research works at attaining a practice policy, based on evidence. Scientific research in education aims at an education system based on the latest valid and up to date research findings…
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Scientific Research in Education
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Download file to see previous pages The exclusion of physics relies on the argument that physics cannot accommodate sociality, intentionality and the influences of history that encompass human phenomena, which includes education. The expectations of physics involve highly controlled experiments and collection of general laws, which are not sufficient in scientific research, in education. The argument of scientific research in education is that it is necessary in the temporary determination to certain questions especially those questions which involve empirical evidence. In spite of this position, scientific research in education does not provide the best method of answering questions and only answers questions not based on non-moral issues. Scientific research in education involves various research methods and designs and not limited to any one method since questions to be addressed require various methods according to the investigation circumstance. According to scientific research in education, quality and standards in research methods are dependent on the field and the question asked. In the decision, made at any time concerning the quality of education research be based on the research community on education and not legislators or politicians. Other noteworthy things the scientific research in education does not mention include casual explanations required by scientific research(Margaret, n.d). ...
Scientific research has advantaged one question, which is systematic effect kind of question that asks what works and develops a singled kind of method on how to answer the question by using the randomized experiment method to address the question. The report discusses other research questions like the; what is happening question and the how is it happening question. Margaret (n.d) argues that the latter two types of questions are as valuable as the first question and are essentially necessary to respond to before the first question can be attempted. This notion bases its argument on the position that in order to assess correctly, what is happening it is necessary to know whatever is going on. It is essentially necessary to have appropriate and careful knowledge of what is happening in order to compare the effect of one set of policies or activities to another. There should be knowledge of how or why the happening of something happens as it does. According to Margaret (n.d), the correlation between the effects and cause of two activities becomes irrelevant unless there is an explanation as to the link between the effect and cause. The validity of randomized trials and other kinds of hypothesis testing’s and investigations become vague unless there is a clear explanation to the link between the two. The weakness of scientific research in education is that its attention on the contribution of qualitative methods is too little. To achieve better descriptions to address properly the questions of what is happening and the necessary explanatory process of addressing why things happen the way they do. The position is that rather than describing the symptoms of a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Scientific Research in Education Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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