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Contribution to the Scientific World in the Modern World - Research Proposal Example

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This paper "Contribution to the Scientific World in the Modern World" focuses on the fact that one problem with education is that it can be too structured and this lead to a lot of academic and intellectual talents being held and never being unleashed to the world. …
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Contribution to the Scientific World in the Modern World
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Extract of sample "Contribution to the Scientific World in the Modern World"

Download file to see previous pages  It is almost agreeable to almost anyone that if the educations system was less rigid and more accommodative for the young minds to learn and explore their imagination, there would be more academic work being achieved. The best thing about helping young people to start having this kind of attitude with regard to education is that once there are young scientists, they will have a longer time to explore their area of interest. This will be unlike the situation whereby the time many people start thinking scientifically, they are already too old and they do not have much time left to explore their scientific interest. Albert Einstein died while he was still researching his theory of relativity, trying to develop a theory of all things. Maybe if he had started earlier, he could have had the time to deliver the grandest scientific theory, a theory of everything.

The best way to contribute to the scientific world in the modern world is by encouraging and making it easy for young students to be interested in science and science projects as early as possible. This would lead to a breed of young scientists, who may even be at their teens. To do this, there needs to be a mechanism that would be in place in order to make this a possibility. Many young people have way too much time and energy in them and in most cases, they can use this energy for the wrong purposes. By developing a way to keep them busy, it is easy to exploit this energy to also prevent them from getting into the wrong habits.

One of the main issues that have erupted in the education arena in the last few hundred years was the formalization of education. In earlier days, education was never done in school, and many people were home education. As the public education needs increasing and many parents could not home educate their children, it became necessary to have a public education system that would take care of the so many children who would in any other case go without an education. While this solved a number of problems, formal education has also acted as a hindrance to education itself in a number of ways.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Contribution to the Scientific World in the Modern World Research Proposal.
(Contribution to the Scientific World in the Modern World Research Proposal)
Contribution to the Scientific World in the Modern World Research Proposal.
“Contribution to the Scientific World in the Modern World Research Proposal”.
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