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I would like to become a scientist - Essay Example

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In the reflective paper “I would like to become a scientist” the author explains his choice of occupation he would like to pursue. He wants to become a scientist, because he would then be at the forefront of innovation in technology…
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I would like to become a scientist
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Extract of sample "I would like to become a scientist"

I would like to become a scientist
“Just as energy is the basis of life itself, and ideas the source of innovation, so is
innovation the vital spark of all human change, improvement and progress”
Ted Levitt, American Economist and Harvard Professor.
Innovation excites me, fresh and new ideas inspire me. There are times when I find myself dreaming with my eyes open, as I try to understand life and human progress. Man has been an innovator over the course of his existence, finding new and improved ways to accomplish tasks and to progress thereby. The field of science is the one where the most remarkable developments have taken place, through the brilliant and innovative discoveries of Albert Einstein and others. Research is the field which engages my interest and I would like to study Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, using the knowledge I acquire in finding solutions to problems. Einstein’s theory of relativity has been a special area of my interest. Man has already traveled into space and reached the Moon, why not travel through time? If travel through space could be achieved using the concepts of science, why not time travel? To truly go where no man has gone before, this would represent a milestone in human innovation!
The occupation I would like to pursue is to become a scientist, because I would then be at the forefront of innovation in technology. The challenge of developing fresh and innovative solutions to problems, the thrill of finding solutions that will enhance the quality of man’s existence upon this earth is what motivates me. This is why I would love to be a scientist. The problem of pollution and the need to find alternative energy sources is one of the most pressing challenges today. A major source of this pollution is vehicle exhaust and scientists and researchers are already looking into electric and hydrogen powered cars. But I would like to develop a unique kind of vehicle – not a car, not a bicycle but a sleek and energy efficient vehicle that can be manufactured and maintained without heavy expenses involved, and which would not contribute to the already high levels off atmospheric pollution. This is the dream which I want to convert into reality!
It would be exhilarating to be at the forefront of innovative discoveries and trends. The depth of my interest in science and mathematics also propels me in the direction of the career of a scientist or researcher. I want to be successfully involved in the research and development area, in the field of transportation. I like to dream and I constantly innovate in my own daily life by trying to think about new ways of doing things. Being a scientist and researcher would help me to continue to pit my mental faculties in the resolution of pressing problems that are the bane of human existence. I would love to make a useful contribution, no matter how small, to the development of man’s knowledge, convenience and comfort.
While I may not be able to follow in the giant steps of Einstein, the most inspiring scientist of all time, I would like to be a little modern day Einstein, contributing my time, effort and knowledge into the development of creative solutions to scientific problems. I strongly support Levitt’s view that innovation fuels human progress and I want to be involved in a field where I will have the opportunity to innovate every day, by thinking about problems and developing fresh solutions to man’s pressing transportation problems, including the development of a fuel efficient, clean, cost effective and smooth sailing mode of transport for the future. Read More
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I Would Like to Become a Scientist Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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