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Relationship between Einstein and Dostoevsky, how science is related to art - Essay Example

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This paper explores the relationship between art and science through the lens of the lives and works of two great genius historical figures representing each, Fyodor Dostoevsky representing art and Albert Einstein representing science. In particular, this paper explores the…
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Relationship between Einstein and Dostoevsky, how science is related to art
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Extract of sample "Relationship between Einstein and Dostoevsky, how science is related to art"

Download file to see previous pages Einstein and Dostoevsky of course lived apart in terms of geography and time, with Dostoevsky having lived from 1821 to 1888, while Einstein would be more properly situated firmly in the 20th century, having lived from 189 to 1955. True, there was some overlap in their historical timelines, but this overlap is trivial in comparison to the profound impact of the thoughts and views, and the artistic vision of Dostoevsky as reflected in his important novels, chief among them ‘The Brothers Karamazov’. Einstein would of course be propelled by that influence of Dostoevsky, as well as his own gifts and talents in theoretical physics, to make unprecedented insights into the nature of the universe, including the nature of matter and energy, time, gravity, and relativity, the latter being the aspect of his work for which he garnered lasting acclaim. His insights into relativity, moreover, would be the foundation of major advances in cosmology and many other disciplines within the scientific community. One can argue that Dostoevsky’s imprint on Einstein’s views about the nature of the world was large and crucial to the way Einstein’s scientific mind blossomed and bore so much fruit during his time. 1 2 3 4
The gist of Dostoevsky’s contribution to the formation of the worldview of Einstein, and arguably the foundation of his scientific career and the spectacular insights and discoveries emanating from his work, is summed up in a quote attributed to the scientist, with regard to how Dostoevsky, according to Einstein, is able to provide more to Einstein in comparison to any scientist, and in particular more than what Gauss had given him. This is not a trivial quote, and can be construed as a recognition from Einstein that what Dostoevsky gave him in terms of a vision from the arts is more than what science had been able to provide him up until that point in his life. Here then is an early intimation of what the role of science ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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